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Shanghai (2012)
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A challenging and rewarding film experience, 6 June 2012

Take any of your favorite political thrillers. What you'd find is political insight and compelling suspense, seamlessly woven to demystify your flimsy notions and beliefs about that subject. While the protagonist peels the layers off falsehood, you experience the joy of veils dropping. You get more than just the solution of a mystery; a new interpretation of the event, a shocking perspective. Dibakar Banerjee's Shanghai is one such political thriller. This terrific film hits you like a hurricane and terrifies you to bits. It has an abiding effect that will haunt you even hours after you've left the theater. If you enjoy true cinema, go for SHANGHAI.. Else, better wait for SRK or FARAH KHAN's next POPCORN FLICK!! Go for SHANGHAI for Kalki Koechlin, for Emraam Hashmi,for Abhay Deol, for the Music & for everything you want from a masterpiece! And next time you end up comparing why do Bollywood standards do not reach Hollywood, stay quite! You don't deserve a word!


Peddlers (2012)
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Coming of Age Cinema, 6 June 2012

Peddlers is one of those gems which is churned out by the the Bollywood film industry maybe once in five years. If it has to be described in one word, I think 'Extraordinary' would be a good one.Nobody would disagree with the fact that Gulshan Devaaiahh has established himself as one of the most promising actors of Bollywood after his amazing performances in Shaitan,That Girl In Yellow Boots,and has delivered the performance of his career in Peddlers.The film is dark with but the presentation is such that you do feel pity for the people in it but can't help but sadistically laugh at them. That is what Vasan Bala has been able to achieve with Peddlers which very few directors in India can manage to.

This film will surely help Bollywood break out of the barricades of outdated film making, and shift towards a more contemporary technique of pleasing audiences.

10/10 from Die-Hard Gulshan Fan

Ishaqzaade (2012)
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A deadly romance !, 11 May 2012

Arjun Kapoor is stupendous. His body language is perfect. He can only get better from here. Parineeti chopra slips into character like a pro…a fantastic performance…She is a complete package. Faisal's screenplay does full justice 2 d story. D 1st half is fast paced & entertaining.

On the whole, ISHAQZAADE, a volatile and intense story with ample doses of fanatical romance, should appeal to a pan-India audience. This broadly engaging love story has a winsome pair who deliver dexterous performances, besides popular music and several poignant moments, which should appeal to fans of mainstream films. Go for it!

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Clichéd and Boring, 11 May 2012

The much anticipated movie turned out to be the real disappointment. I do not understand what these people are trying to project from such movies ? I went with an anticipation of a fresh plot without using brain but since the movie made my brain go numb, I took a nap in between. Too many loose strings and plots and sub-plots and sub-plots without any relevance among themselves lead to ultimate confusion and in between I was searching for some entertaining material which never came till the end.

Karishma Kapoor didn't carry her role with stability,her emotions just seemed unreal.Same goes with the rest of the cast of the movie.It isn't worth big screen.... i still din't get whether movie was serious ,sad,funny,romantic,action or a thriller.

Rating : 3/10

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meh..., 6 May 2012

Watched it. Not all that good at all. For Example, why does Hawkeye have more than enough arrows while fighting against the Avengers, but as he joins 'em in their fight, runs out of arrows? Why does Hulk go berserk against everything on the shield flying boat thing, but fights with the avengers at the end, without a real reason given, even saving Iron Man? Hawkeye isn't even a real super-hero, but hits with every Arrow without even aiming ( At the end, there's a scene where he blindly shoots to his right, of course hitting the target) Sorry for the Random rant, liked that film either way, but could've been better >.> . And of course, SpiderMan was on a vacation while New York was invaded by "Invincible" Aliens, DUH.

Blood Money (2012/II)
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Kunal Khemu's finest work !, 31 March 2012

Every great gangster movie has under-currents of human drama. Don't expect an emotional story of guilt, retribution and despair from "Blood Money". This is a tale of ferocious greed, corruption, and power.

Anybody complaining about the "cheesiness" of this film is missing the point. The superficial characters, cheesy music, and dated fashions further fuel the criticism of this life of diabolical excess. Nothing in the lives of these characters really matter, not on any human level at least. In fact the film practically borderlines satire, ironic considering all the gangster rappers that were positively inspired by the lifestyle of Kunal Kadam.

This isn't Mukesh Bhatt's strongest directorial effort, it is occasionally excellent and well-handled (particularly the memorable finale), but frequently sinks to sloppy and misled. Thankfully, it is supported by a very strong script by Upendra Sidhye. The themes are consistent, with the focus primarily on the life of Kunal Kadam, and the evolution of his character as he is consumed by greed and power. The dialogue is also excellent, see-sawing comfortably between humour and drama. There are many stand-out lines, which have since wormed their way into popular culture in one form or another.

Powerful, occasionally humorous, sometimes shocking, and continually controversial.Blood Money is totally worth watching. An essential and accessible gangster flick, and a pop-culture landmark.

The story is very detailed and realistic. This film tells a story of how a person who rises to power by wealth can easily be destroyed by the same exact stuff that made them powerful. Also in the middle, he or she become a completely different person and they lose their friends and family.

Overall : 8/10

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Mind Blowing action, Sriram's strong control on script and Powerpacked performance from Saif.SRK., 19 March 2012

saw the public screening of Agent Vinod in a film festival.Frankly speaking I was stunned by the movie.Simple plot but the twists and turns in the movie were amazing.I will not reveal the plot details because you will loose interest in it.It's slick,stylish and high on acting and visual effects.

Saif is the man who reigns supreme in this film and leaves a strong impression on the audiences mind with his stellar performance. His smile, dialogue delivery and every expression deserves a bow.

The director Sriram handles the scenes well and never lets the adrenaline rush or the script to fall flat. He keeps the audiences glued to their seat and this versatile man gives as a slick action thriller which is far better than Race,Dhoom,Dhoom 2 or Ra.One.

The script is well written and every scene is well handled. Dialogues are brilliant and none of the scene fall flat. No unnecessary toilet humour and songs have made the film even more appealing.

Agent Vinod is an amazing movie with unforgettable action scene and car chase sequences. Highly Recommended.

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Smug, repellent,and disturbingly bad., 1 March 2012

This film thinks it's a whole lot smarter than it is. Trotting out the hoary, smug idea about how small towns are stultifying and full of stupid people is the least of its problems. Everything in it rings utterly false. The most slowly paced, and depressing movie I have seen this year. Every moment of almost every scene was composed of non-stop cringing and the entire audience hiding their faces in their hands. Of all the films I have ever seen, none has ever had a more unlikeable or irredeemable script. This was clearly the intent and to this end the actual acting was pretty good, but it did nothing to make the film any more watchable.

The most annoying part is the performance of the female lead,Ali Zafar was pretty good,but Aditi Rao Hydari ruined the chemistry.

My recommendation, in a nutshell, is don't touch this one with a barge pole. Seriously, do not be tempted- life is short, and you'll never get these 2 hrs back.

Oh- unless you're the sort of person who likes to laugh at stupid jokes. If you do, maybe you'll enjoy this movie, but judging by my fellow viewers' sighs and groans of disgust and disbelief you will be one of few. Overall : 2/10

Don 2 (2011)
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Farhan Akhtar has outdone himself with Don2 !, 23 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just watched Don 2 at a special screening in Karachi,Pakistan.

No doubt,Shahrukh Khan is the best actor of bollywood and the only one who can push Indian cinema in the international level,thats what I believe after watching Don 2.

Story/Script : 10/10 The story picks up right after Don(2006) finished.The twists and turns in the movie will keep you amused throughout runtime.The script is well- written which makes it feel nice. Dialogues are awesome!

Music : 10/10 I had loved the music of Don(2006). Well this year,the music and background score lives up to the hype. Hai Yeh Maya and Dushman Mera are among my favorites.

Performance : 9/10 Despite his poor acting in RaOne,SRK manages to convince his fans he's still the best.Lara Dutta and Kunal Kapoor are good in their roles. I still feel Arjun Rampal should've been casted.

Overall : 9.5/10 Overall,Don 2 is an excellent film with best stunt scenes ever seen in a bollywood movie.Don't miss this,Highly Recommended!

Die-hard SRK Fan Wazankash

Loot (2011)
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WORST you could ever imagine,INTOLERABLE!, 22 December 2011

Plot : 1/10 This movie is a carbon copy of Crime Spree(2003).The script is poor.

Performance : 1/10 You can't like this film because there's your favourite actor in it, just note the stupid jokes and wrong screenplay to know how bad this film is.

Music : 1/10 Nothing needs to be reviewed about the music,it was just as bad as the movie.

Overall : 1/10 This movie is strictly avoidable,unless you're one for self-punishment.You may get suicidal at the end of it. Its just as bad as salman khan's Bodyguard.

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