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or Carmel's favourite Sci-Fi films for the iCM forum.
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A list of films I've seen with characters that have experienced dissociation (from reality and/or oneself). That may be due to derealization, depersonalization, schizophrenia, dissociative identity, dreaming, intense doubt of a self, "overlooking" oneself, finding oneself in different realities, time travel, psychosis, amnesia, ennui, depression, deeply thinking of the past, psychedelic drug experiences and so on. I tried to avoid (mostly bad fantasy and science-fiction) films that do not convey this intelligently and artistically. Also note that a condition of simultaneous acute lucidity/consciousness and dissociation is possible ("And never have I felt so deeply at one and the same time so detached from myself and so present in the world."). In no particular order.
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... dans une autre dimension du Temps, une Zone qui ne serait qu’à lui, et d’où il pourrait déchiffrer l’indéchiffrable histoire" - from Sans Soleil

"People do it everyday, they talk to themselves... they see themselves as they'd like to be..." - from Fight Club

This is a list with films where a character imagines and interacts with another persona - simulacra or real entities reflecting someone living, someone dead, a conscious/unconscious fantasy or a "delusion" resulting from a dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis and so on. It's a wide-reaching topic and as personal list I don't know how to describe it. It's about the creation of an image of someone else, summoning others. These films are about doubles, alter egos, the mind and how it can create from impressions and so on. I also included films where characters create whole worlds of imagination with different personas (based on their memory and dreams for example), where different selves are found due to time travel or parallel universes, characters create AI, new species, clones or androids, there appear tormenting spirits based on fear, with people simply fantasizing about a different hopeful future-ideal self or evoking a personal god and so on. Note not all films listed have to relate to the opening quotes.

It is likely that a common characteristic of these films is the high abundance of mirrors in these films - for they are symbols (of for example reflections, replications, simulations, doubles, many-worlds, narcissism, confusion), portals to other realms, aesthetically pleasing (and difficult to work with) objects and stimulus to characters (self-observation, gaining insight) and so on.
In no particular order.
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A list of films I've seen with characters that are ambivalent, awkward and/or anxious. These 3 terms don't describe the same behaviour, you could separate each and give a proper context for each alone, but it is often the case that the 3 conditions are intricately related (with them being each other's cause/consequences etc. - it's easily imaginable, their definitions basically imply that the other might have taken or will take place). A list of other related of terms: cognitive dissonance, frustration, clumsiness, struggle, existential angst, troublesome, migraine, confusion, disorder, fear, aggravation, irritation, annoyance, intrusive thoughts, ambiguous, distasteful, compulsion, convulsion, miserable, complex, vicious circles, nervousness, torment, embarrassment, shame, shyness, and so on, but note that some of the more usually "extroverted" actions, take place internally, so that it is the mind which is boggled, as the person is fairly anxious anyway (not to say that outbursts of aggression are not possible, those do happen, and are memorable parts). It's more or less a self explanatory list of films, but I can't include every film where a character is just "troubled".
For some people generic experience is awkward and a cause for anxiety. This list is an offspring "Muddled States" (general state of an irritated borderline state of mind), which was too big and mixed to handle. In no particular order.
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A list of films I've seen which includes a character that hates himself. This is self-explanatory - ones ego, instincts, nature and character are disgusting for and abhorred by oneself. There might be a whole range of overlapping complex reasons for and reaction from this state, not all of them have to be explicitly shown by the films (which means it's not obvious which films I can and cannot include). Consequences of this condition might be excessive todestrieb leading to self-destructive behaviour, impulsivity, minimal apathetic existence or anti-social stances.
Note self-loathing can be of course compatible with desire or narcissism, certainly with ego-centrism; one might appear as if not hating oneself since one already gave up to those aspects in oneself which one despises, and one might attempt to rationalise and suppress the hatred for the subject-within, to behave as if wasn't really happening. Also, sometimes: "Anyone who despises himself will still respect himself as a despiser."
Also note that I have decided to include self-defeating and masochistic characters where appropriate, since ego-destruction and self-loathing can make up and lead on from those conditions.
Also note that that are a lot more example I could name with characters struggling with themselves, but really though, a highly low self-esteem and self-worth should be present for a film to count, notwithstanding personal interpretations (with some exceptions).
Also note that characters which transform their egos (for better or worse) to avoid hating their true pettier selves don't really count since that attempt for survival and transfiguration are kind of a result of life and self-worth endorsement, but I guess I have included some exceptions.
Also note that it's quite easy to confuse (the behaviour related to) self-hatred with misanthropy or hatred of life, existence in general, the circumstances which surround the self, of course all of those could and most likely are interlinked too, but here, the subject itself must be abhorred, the source is within a character and ranges in intensity within the films on this list, from milder to more extreme manifestations and consequences.

In no particular order.
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I'm not fit to try to define that which is somewhat depicted in/shared by the films in this list. Instead I'll list some unrelated terms and states whose subsets hopefully have some relation that becomes apparent with the listed films:
simulacra, simulation, character mask, false consciousness, simulated/virtual/computer reality, society of spectacle, postmodernism, deep-rooted ignorance of the world, orwellian society, delusion, naivety, stupidity, misunderstanding, misjudgement, misguiding, counterfeit, "everything is a lie", blend reality & fiction, can't distinguish reality & fantasy, escapism, matrix, questioning nature of reality, layers of reality & identity, anomie, pod people, anchoring, distraction, ideology, "copy of a copy of a copy", "behind every mask there is a mask", illusion, "what a strange simplification and falsification people live in!", "this simplified, utterly well-invented, well-falsified world", artificiality, superficiality, appearance, escapism, hypocrisy, arrogance, narcissism, disconnectedness, withdrawal, and so on and so on, blah blah blah.... (get the idea?)
Thus naturally the idea of an individual striving against "the system" for awakening, truth, authenticity, freedom, the outside and often love is also apparent in some of the films in this list.

In no particular order.
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"Lie to me, cry to me, give to me
I would
Lie with me, die with me, give to me
I would
Keep all your secrets wrapped in dead hair
Hope that we die holding hands

A list of films with (usually male) characters that experience a (loosely connected) state of a will to 'unite' with a stronger female character (giving affection, safety, lessening of suffering) - to 'return to the womb', a longing for the safe cradle, due to (one or more of the following:) impotence (hoping to revitalize, cover or substitute?), weakness, cowardice, humiliation, defeat, fear, neediness (in both senses of the word), insecurity, an oedipius complex, a "child in peril" (or a nightmare), over-attachment to the mother, troublesome weaning period and having been left to work for ones own living/food with a desire to return to the "convenient, trouble-free source of food", self-loathing, narcissism (where self-gratification occurs due to the mother's attention, care), self-pity, inability to self-empower/actualize, a will to escape, lessen or sweeten suffering thanks to someone else (instead of personally confronting, persevering and overcoming it), abandonment, meekness, self-dismemberment, self-flagellation, submissiveness (to a mother figure), or love for an anima, a singular, unique, phantasmatic, ideal, archetypical feminine figure. This will is never quite satisfied and that's a source of agony. Some Oedipal complex, boy-older woman relationship and incest films count too.

It's vague and not explicit in some of the films listed, but I thought there might be some utility in such a collection.

Under construction.
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"everything looks and sounds like *beep* to you. It's a condition called 'being a cynical *beep* There is no know cure I'm afraid. Everything just seems *beep* and everyone starts to seem *beep* and everything they say just starts to...." (become *beep* for real)

"A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin." - H. L. Mencken

A list of films/series with characters who are usually described as (one or more of the following:) cynical, pessimistic, misanthropic, miserable, anti-social, nihilistic, depressed, psychopathic, curmudgeonly, grumpy, and so on and so on. Greater emphasis on realistic, well-crafted, well-portrayed, relatable experiences, worldviews and how they show in relation to other people; depicted in an interesting way and allowing for deeper, more complex character studies, evolutions and discoveries. In no particular order.
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A list of films I've seen which depict or mention evolution (of humanity and other species), technological change, natural selection, mutations, biological interactions, the creation of stuff, revolutions in societies, the diversity of nature, human cultures & meaning, simply films which references to evolution & Darwin, and so on, in some kind of fairly intelligent, meaningful or useful way. These films are about the past, the present, the future and elsewhere, and look at the biologically-related modifications of things in a universe over time (but note none of it has to be scientifically accurate). Random list of related words: cosmogony, genesis, singularity, mutation, instrumentality, biophilia, bloom, ultimate fate. In no particular order.
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Some of the films with less than 400 checks on ICM Carmel has seen and liked, up to October 6th 2016. Ranked (albeit most arbitrarily). For the ICM Forum.
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My favourite films with less than 400 checks on ICM up to 22nd September 2015. Ranked. For the ICM Forum.