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This is a list of films I've seen that deal with the condition of individual and/or societal emptiness and different aspects, states, stages, reactions and behaviour that may cause it, accompany it and/or result from it. It is a personal concept which may be interpreted, presented and progressed in various ways, which is also highlighted by the diversity of the films listed in terms of characters, stories and aesthetics.

It is a work in progress. The films are listed in no particular order so far. In the next few days I will try to create some notes on why I think these film deals with emptiness.
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for the ICM board. My favourite film with less than 400 checks on ICM. Ranked (even though it's a complete mess after the top 25 or so).

Masterpieces that I can't include:
Kapitein Zeppos

Take Five (unlisted)
Lokomotywa (unlisted)
Wezel (unlisted)
Latarnik (unlisted)

Random notes:
Most entries are probably from Poland.
Most entries are short films.
A list compiled out of around 387 films.
I realized there are a lot of 6s & 7s that I like more than 8s.
I want to see more feature films.