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-List of films set in the Basque Country or films that depict basque people
- Lista de películas ambientadas en el País Vasco o que muestren personajes vascos
- Euskal Herrian kokatutako edota euskal personaiak dituzten filmen zerrenda
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The good guys, outnumbered by the enemy, barricade themselves in a building/fortress/hill and fight to the last man.
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The rules are as follows:
-Pre-modern technology, were battles are fought by bladed weapons and magic and myths are real (sorry Flash Gordon!).
-Fantastic setting, perhaps inspired by historic time periods but without actual events or places (sorry The 13th Warrior!).
-No epic army clashes, no world-wide conflicts, just a bunch of characters engaged in a local struggle (sorry The Lord of the Rings!).