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An action MUST-SEE, 12 April 2004

This movie had everything that one could ask for in an action film. The villains in this film were outstanding and believable. It was the first time since SWORDFISH, that I have seen John Travolta play the bad guy. A friend of mine had gotten a copy of this movie earlier and showed it to me. I could not deny that this was a great action flick. Thomas Jane was definitely the one for the Frank Castle role. Thomas Jane definitely had the Punisher look and act. I especially enjoyed hearing him say "this is not vengeance, this is PUNISHMENT".

If you like action films, THE PUNISHER is a great entertaining action film to watch.

Airplane! (1980)
Absolutely laugh out loud funny, 22 March 2004

I will begin by saying that this was one of the greatest comedies ever made. The 80's were the best time for making comedy films. I thought that Fast Times at Ridgemond High was a great comedy film also. This movie was almost as good as Animal House. Of course Animal House was 1978 and it was a great film. This movie had a lot of good sense of humor. Robert Hayes was outstanding in this film as well as Julie Hagerty. I also thought That Leslie Nielson was outstanding for his role. Nielson was one of the best 80's comedians. I think that this movie should have been put on the top ten comedy films. The best comedy films with good sense of humor are

1. Animal House 2. Airplane 3. Naked Gun 4. Naked Gun 2 5. Curse of the Jade Scorpion

Another truly MUST-SEE film, 14 January 2004

I will start by saying that this is the best episode of all the Lord of the Rings. I just kept watching this film without getting up to stretch or go to the bathroom. This film had me watching it, without moving, until the very end. The ending is something that should definitely get an award for best picture. Moreover, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom should all recieve some awards for their great act. This film is a definite must-see.

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A rather great psychological thriller, 14 January 2004

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........Small spoilers

I have just seen this film, and I thought that it was a great film. The movie really gets you when you understand how rather shocking the mystery really is. The American version was much worse than this one. The big mistake was remaking this movie. This movie itself had everything great, then comes a remake that is extremely predictable. Anyway, what I must say is that this movie is truly outstanding. It is not really the murder that scares you, but the reason as to why the person does it. This movie is highly recommended to those that like mystery and foreign films.

A Must See, 14 January 2004

This movie is based of one of my favorite novels. I thought the movie was just great. It follows the book almost exactly. Of course, there are things not put in the movie from the book, but they are minor things. Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon are two of my 8 favorite actors. I think Penn and Bacon fit the roles perfectly as Marcus (Markum in the movie) and Devine. Fishburne and Robbins also gave a great performance in this movie. I was glad to see Bacon get a good role; moreover, after I heard that he was going to play Sean Devine, I was happy and I knew that he was a perfect choice. See this film, it is a must-see.

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One of the best comedies out there, 13 January 2004

Where do I begin? I will say that this movie keeps you laughing until the very end. Belushi, Matheson and Riegert are totally amazing in this movie. I remember when my friends and I went to see this movie right when it came out and we were laughing our butts off. I was sixteen when I first saw this film. This movie is definitely worth watching, especially if you like comedy.

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Just awful, 13 January 2004

I was so disappointed after seeing this film. The only focus should have been Pearl Harbor itself and not the other mumbo jumbo. I mean the love is unrealistic, the scenes after the attack on Japan are unrealistic, so why put them there? I would certainly not recommend this film to anyone. My advice is, AVOID THIS MOVIE AT ALL COSTS. It is even worse than Hannibal.

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Erotic mystery, 13 January 2004

I will begin by saying that this movie was very good; however, if you take out the beautiful Sharon Stone and the sex scenes, the plot becomes boring. I thought that the movie was made very well because at times when one is trying to figure out who the killer is, they are a bit thrown off after they watch the sex scenes. The movie was somewhat predictable, but I still liked it. Definitely worth watching if you have some time on your hands.

Highly recommended, 12 January 2004

I truly enjoyed watching this movie. This movie keeps you interested and makes you want to know why the killer was doing what he was doing. You might see who the killer is, but you won't find out why until the very end. This movie is very close to the book. I enjoyed reading the novel and seeing this movie when it first came out had me very excited. I would recommend that people avoid Hannibal, and see this. I would give this movie a 5 out of 5.

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PREDICTABLE, 12 January 2004

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When I first started watching this show, I thought it was pretty good. However, it became less interesting because the celebrities that were used to play the villains, were people that played villains in many other films. I will not go into any detail, but that made the show a bit too boring because if you know who did it, you are left with nothing to wonder. In the show Poirot, the villains were unpredictable, which is what made it very interesting to watch.

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