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Terrible - just God-Awful Terrible, 8 September 2014

I saw the trailer for this movie, and laughed hard all the way through it, and thought that this would be a fine and very funny movie.

So, I rushed out and purchased the DVD and have just finished watching it - the credits are still scrolling as I write this review.

Sadly, the trailer contained ALL of the best bits very cunningly cut together, and is not fair or representative of the movie itself.

I am very, very disappointed bu this movie. It did not live up to its potential or come within a million miles of the comedy promised by the movie trailer.

Tons of unnecessary swearing. Puerile jokes. Bad acting abounds by the male lead and various support characters.

If you like good westerns, avoid this movie. If you like good comedies, avoid this movie. In fact, do yourself a favor and just avoid this movie all together.

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Would like to see this movie, but where can I buy it ?, 12 August 2013

This isn't the right place for this question. I wanted to add this question as a FAQ item, but I don't have a mobile anymore and I certainly don't want to give IMDb my credit card (I'm not that stupid), so this question will have to appear in user reviews. Oh well ....

Where on earth can you buy this movie ? I cannot find it for sale in the usual places (eBay USA, eBay UK, eBay India, eBay Australia, Amazon, etc, etc, etc), there's no mention of buying or selling the movie in use-net (newsgroups), and even a Google Search on "Made in India" +movie reveals very few "hits", none of them useful for buying the movie. There's not even torrent for it.

Don't the makers of this movie want to sell it ? How / where can I buy this movie ?

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Give the show a chance - it might just grown on you, 24 April 2012

I have to admit, when I watched the first episode of Luxury Comedy (Pele), I was stunned at how bad the show seemed. It was painful to watch. I can sure understand how some of the more negative impressions here have come to be. I almost logged in and left similarly negative feedback. It took me few episodes to become a fan of The Might Boosh, but, after the 1st episode, I could not imagine ever becoming a fan of Luxury Comedy, or even watching it again for that matter.

However, I persevered. A week later, I watched the 2nd episode (The Jelly Fox). Hmm, that was less painful. The lion in the cage was bizarre but the end of the sketch was almost funny - almost a chuckle there. OK, hmm, lets try another episode. A week later, and I watched the 3rd episode (King Tutta), found it better again. Now, all of a sudden, the show didn't seem anywhere near as bad as it first seemed, and it certainly was starting to "grow on me".

I have just finished watching the first three episodes again, and I can say that I'm starting to like Luxury Comedy - quite a lot in fact. Some parts are quite funny. It's actually becoming a pleasure to watch. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

What I recommend to others is to hold off making up your mind about this, or commenting here, until you have given the show a good chance. Keep an open mind. Leave a week between episodes to give yourself time to digest what you have seen - because you will certainly be seeing some crazy and bizarre stuff - and see how you go. At this early stage (only 3 episodes x 2 viewings), I'll assume that the show's appeal will keep on increasing. As such, I'm giving Luxury Comedy a review score of 9 / 10.