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this steve zahn showcase should have gone further, 16 October 2003

Steve Zahn has such a miss or miss career for an actor who is so damn inspired. This is by far his best leading role. I missed this one in the theaters, (as everyone else apparently did), but it should have been a much much bigger hit than it was. William H. Macy makes another solid turn as the closeted town sheriff. A GREAT rental.

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Awesome soundtrack. Apparently this really happened!?, 16 October 2003

I listened to the commentary and was surprised to learn that most of this story is taken from court records and FBI transcripts. Dialogue and all. This is a fairly entertaining drama about the owner and creator of Chippendales empire and the lengths he went to protect himself from what he felt were threats to his empire. If anything, you'll be amused by the stupidity of some of these based on real life character's actions. If you like your men cheesy and buff, your humor dark, and your music 80s, you'll like this film.