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Barbie is a teacher and going Green (spoiler alert!), 5 April 2009

Barbie is a teacher and going Green (spoiler alert!),

This is the latest title in my 5 years old daughter movie collection. She loved the movie. The animation is not like in a Disney or Pixar movie, but it is much improved from the previous Barbie movies. She liked the idea that Barbie is a teacher and liked the theme of protecting the environment. She is all into it and I think that is a much better role model for small girls (unfortunatelly, I think that boys will skip this movie).

Summary: it is introduced a new species of magical creatures: the Twillerbees, hidden among the wildflowers, threatened to be destroyed by new construction developments. The bravest of them is Thumbelina, who will have the help of a young girl named Makena. Everything is narrated to young kids by Barbie, who is a teacher.