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Alexander (2004)
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Good movie; criticisms incorrectly labeled, 29 November 2004

After being bombarded with terrible reviews, I decided to see this movie for myself. I enjoyed it, and thought it was well-done, if the storytelling felt funny in some parts.

I did not think this movie was worthy of the horrible grades given to it by 'professional' movie critics or IMDb users. I believe that these criticisms are entirely caused by the portrayal of Alexander as bisexual or homosexual in the film.

Throughout the movie he is most assuredly portrayed in this manner, and you shouldn't see it if this is going to irritate you. If you get tired of shady beckonings by Colin Farrell to attractive young men, don't see the movie. If you don't like the idea of the conquerer idolizing Achilles and the hero's love of his friend Patroclus, just don't see the movie. But what you should definitely not do is go onto internet forums and say the entire movie is terrible.

I feel most of the criticism to this movie comes solely from a section of society that fears homosexuals, and is afraid this movie will somehow promote homosexuality. It doesn't. It's just the same as any movie that portrays a hero in love with a woman. But some people seem urged to write the movie off and make sure others do the same just for its hero's different tastes.

Bottom line: A good movie, but don't see it if you will be bothered heavily by any hint of homosexuality.

Heat Team (2004)
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Fun movie with twists you don't expect in the genre, 18 September 2004

I sat down to this movie with friends as I ritualistically do with Hong Kong action films, expecting not much originality, plenty of shooting, and little character development. I was totally wrong.

This movie is full of action, and yet has interesting and humorous characters along the way. I forgot that it was an action movie entirely while watching some parts, as I was amused and intrigued by the way the characters were dealing with each other.

Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan and Yumiko Cheng give good performances in this film. Perhaps best is the relationship between Kwok and Chan, and the original changes that occur throughout the film. From an office paintball match to a plunge off a three story roof, the two endure many hardships while engaging each other in even more.

Overall, a movie I would recommend to anyone seeking action or comedy.