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Funny, 18 August 2011

The only people that seem to have time to review anything on here unfortunately as usual have nothing positive to say about anything.

To be fair this show isn't for everyone but if you're lucky enough to have a sense of humour of some description and no chip on your shoulder then you might well enjoy Limmy's show.

The humour is very "West of Scotland" - so a lot of the laughs are maybe going to pass you by if your not local, but maybe not. The show is well observed and extremely funny in places and works on different levels. Limmy definitely has something to say about the world - and that's to be encouraged.

Overall its well worth a watch although it is a bit hit and miss - I'd say about 30% is genuinely hilarious, 60% generally funny with about 10% off the sketches not doing it. I'd say that it compares well with other comedy shows out there just now and if you're going to slate something as being a 1 or a 2 out of 10 then it'd be interesting to see what you would recommend in its place.

Hope he gets a 3rd season.