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Underseen and underappreciated cinematic gems, mostly from the past 10 years (2000 - 2010)
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Included are horror comedies but not thrillers.
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My favorite 100 indie films, mostly from the past 10 years. I've stayed away from the most popular ones like Pulp Fiction, American Beauty, etc., since my intention with this list is to give people some less well known titles to expand their film knowledge with. Most of these are underrated, underseen and underappreciated gems imo that more people should really see. I have yet to put these in any sort of order but they're all great and you can't go wrong watching any one of them. BTW - the reason a lot of these are rated so low is because imDb ratings are notoriously skewed to favor big budget studio films while indies like these get rated much lower than they should. Indie filmmakers are even in the process of filing a class action lawsuit as these ratings have such a huge impact on ticket sales. More info:
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A famous actor who's a household name is by definition, not underrated. I've focused mainly on younger actors but have also added a few who I don't think will ever get the recognition they deserve. Some of these actors may be well known within certain circles but none of them enjoys widespread name recognition. I'll also add that while a lot of these actors are already well regarded by the industry I mean they are underrated in their ability to carry a film as the lead.
Subjective list, only the top 10 are in order.
Also it's no longer 50 and will probably just expand exponentially. I'm open to suggestions but will only add them if I agree 100%.

*I hate fb btw so will not be responding to any comments...kinda pissed all the old ones were deleted...
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My subjective list of the most overrated movies of all time. Includes short reviews explaining why and my personal ratings. Below each review is a short summary in case you just want the bullet points and aren't interested in reading my explanations. List is in chronological order and is a work in progress. My Top 100:
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My favorite 100 Indie & Foreign Films, mostly from 2000-2011. Not necessarily in order following the top 10.

*Always watch Foreign films in their native language with subtitles, most voice-acting is awful and can easily ruin an otherwise great film.
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MY favorite 200 movies of the 21st century
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My favorite 25 quotes/lines of all time. Not included are great lines that have become boring from overuse ie. "Farva beans and a nice chianti", "make him an offer he can't refuse", etc.
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50 incredible performances the Academy ignored.
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Subjective list, in descending order.
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Top 20 unintentionally gay/homoerotic movies.

I like a lot of these, they're just incredibly gay and often hilarious because of it. Most require no explanation.

This list is subjective, gay and in order