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Just Short Of A Master Piece Yash Ji RESPECT!! SRK ROCKS :D, 16 November 2012

A girl madly in love with a guy decides to leave him as she makes a promise to God to keep him hale and hearty. Yet another tries to win over the broken hearted soldier. This forms the backbone of Jab Tak Hai Jaan. And the feeling you had reading the first line would decide whether or not you would like the film or as Amandeep commented would want to advice Meera (the character Katrina plays) to go and watch OMG Oh My God! First.

It had a lot to look forward to JTHJ that is being Yash Ji's last film and genuinely the poignant yet romantic touch is so so there but I do feel Yash Ji's untimely demise does make it devoid of that mesmerizing finesse Veer Zaara had.

Shah Rukh as Samar the happy go lucky charmer during the first half of the film is the usual 28 year comic yet romantic 28 year old which he can play any day with ease(and a little hamming of course)and Superb as the tough mature major in the bomb defuse squad. He handles such roles with such precision that you just can't take your eyes off major Samar. Katrina Katrina Katrina is smoking hot and goes a step further in the sexy quotient from ek tha tiger.

But my heart hoots for Akira played by Anushka. In a role that is clearly overshadowed in terms of the quantity when compared to the other two leads Anushka still manages to be the one I loved the most in the film because of the sheer energy she puts in all the scenes she has with the right expressions every single time.

Ladakkh is exquisitely and beautifully shot making that part of the movie thoroughly enjoyable.

The pace slows down as the movie draws to an end and frankly a better ending was needed. For the movie lacked that sucker punch for which the audience waits for 3 hours. The music is good, just good.

Nonetheless its the ideal diwali watch if of course you want a brainless comedy instead.

Yash Ji salute :)

Jab Tak HaI Jaan 3/5

And an added 0.5 if you like surprises though I Did not !!

SRK we love you and we do not need a KISS to prove it ;):D

Chakravyuh (2012)
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A Fair TimePass But Only A Moderately Good Movie..., 24 October 2012

Prakash Jha's latest attempt to provide a bird's eye view on our nations yet another "hot" topic of concern as well as discussion Chakravyuh is a film which if watched without much concentration may please the viewer. But in my case he again fails to deliver. I am not saying it's a bad film but it isn't any magnum opus either.

The story of revolving around two besties( Arjun Rampal and Abhay Deol) in the background of Naxalism, Chakravyuh is full of stereotypes. Corrupt officials, rich n greedy businessmen, rapist cops, a hottie with a meaningless role etcetera etcetera.

Still it manages to engage the audience with gripping action sequences though the predictability of the storyline is embarrassing.

And then the conclusion where we are left wondering why all this happened if nothing had to change at all?

Nevertheless, the film does boast of good to exceptional performances from the cast whether its the veteran Om Puri or Manoj Bajpai who never seem out of character to the leads Abhay who tries very hard and Arjun who gives his best considering his restricted range of grunts and expressions. Even Anjali Patil impresses here and there and Esha Gupta looks hot even in a police uniform. The pace is good but the music is just ridiculous especially the Sameera Reddy item song. What a waste!

I fail to understand the basic mindset of Prakash Jha. Because somehow I feel he thinks that just because there are bullets flying everywhere and fumes of smoke and dust rising up in the air with the lead actors running to save their lives the audience can blindly ignore the stupidity the support cast which involves the villagers, extras, etc are doing. The direction doesn't seem to be compact whenever a lot of people are involved which in films like Chakravyuh should be of of paramount importance.

I know I might have been a bit hard on him considering the fact that I just came out watching Sri Devi's English Vinglish an hour before that so I would suggest you to go ahead with it as am sure you wouldn't get bored afterall.

But seriously Mr. Jha Impress us more!!

MKD Rating- 2.5/5

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An Average Timepass Which Could Have Been Better!!, 22 June 2012

I decided to watch Kunal Kohli's Teri Meri Kahani before the other releases even though I didn't really like his previous 2 releases because I thought that it would be a light hearted romantic comedy and it was actually that. It starts off in 1960 when Govind who's going to Mumbai to try out his luck as a musician bumps into Urvashi, an already established heroin in the film industry. The 2012 one comes in next; there's another bump and that is followed by the 1910 story; another bump of course. At the end of each the lovers are temporarily distanced from each other and towards the end of the movie the 3 stories run parallel to each other as everyone meets everyone and love ensues. Simple. But then again there's nothing much we can do about the endings. They have to meet. What we can do is make the journey interesting, which is where the movie does just about okay. I found the 1960 story the best. It had almost everything in place but the other two weren't up to the mark. If one had good dialogues it didn't have good music; if one had good music it had a boring storyline. And most definitely both had bad screenplays. Shahid Kapur looks handsome and gives an earnest performance in all 3 characters and its because of him that I want the movie to succeed.Priyanka Chopra looks really hot but again hams when she has to play the romantic parts. I hate her for that. Kunal Kohli you could have tried a little harder. If you are a guy 1.5/5 If you are a girl I am thinking it would be 2.5/5 2/5 if (forgive me if I sound cheesy )you think you are in looob :P A good timepass, Meri taraf se 2/5 !!

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A Tochy Father And Son Tale Which Has It's Heart At The Right Place :), 18 June 2012

It wouldn't be wrong if I said Vidhu Vinod Chopra has become a factory which mostly produces a set of good at heart, inspirational yet thought provoking movies. 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari' is no exception. The job this time is given to débutant director Rajesh Mapuskar who earlier was the assistant director in 3 idiots. A simple and honest RTO officer, Sharman Joshi as Rusy (Rustam Deboo) falls in a dilemma when his promising cricketer son Ritvik Sahore as Kayo (Kayoze Rustam Deboo) gets an opportunity to join a cricket camp in London but requires a fee of 1.5 lakh rupees. To add to that we have Boman Irani as Father of Rusy who himself was a very talented cricketer but was betrayed by his friend during the final selection and thus considers cricket a waste of time. When a glimmer of hope knocks at the door as Sharman is promised the sum of money in place of a Ferrari ride for a few hours he steals it from Sachin Tendulkar's house. What happens then forms the crust of the story. The good thing about such movies is that even if they have 2 or 3 scenes that have that emotional and feel good touch it becomes terribly hard to hate them. And FRS has them. Pritam's music is mostly enjoyable although I did find Vidya Balan's item number unnecessary. Sharman Joshi gives a strong performance proving that he too can pull off lead roles and Kayoze does pretty well too. Actually, in a few scenes I was astonished to see how closely Kayoze's expressions and dialogue delivery resemble to that of Sharman . But Boman Irani steals the show for me. Still, I cannot say that the film lies in the same place as Munna Bhai. It could have easily been 15 minutes shorter and a bit more compact. Nonetheless, it has it's heart at the right place which makes it a good watch. 2.5/5

Prometheus (2012/I)
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Strong Beginning Good Visuals But Weak End!!, 11 June 2012

Sir Ridley Scott's prequel to my childhood favourite 'Alien' starts on such a high that I was almost sure of another great film but by the time the first half ends the promise dries up. Starting in the year 2089, Prometheus is a visual delight which begins with a team of explorers( headed by Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green) find a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. Michael Fassbender plays an Android who within the two years of the space travel becomes learned in all the ancient languages in order to ease communications between the two human forms. Charlize Theron plays the selfish owner of the space craft 'Prometheus' and travels along with them. What happens when they land in the unknown planet in search of their makers forms the crust of the story. What works for the Promethues is the solid platform the story line sets in the beginning. The question of whether we actually evolved out of primates like Darwin said or we just created all of a sudden embarks a huge sense a curiosity. But when the movie ends you are left in oblivion with almost none of the questions answered.

The effects are mesmerizing and Fassbender is both creepy and elegant as the android created to decipher the secrets of mankind. Charlize Theron too seems wicked enough but Noomi Rapace as the lead doesn't really work for me. Overall 'Prometheus' though not spectacular still deserves a watch. 3/5

Shanghai (2012)
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A Truly Well Made Film Which Belongs To The Director !!, 8 June 2012

Shanghai is a delight from head to toe. Dibakar Banerjee is without a doubt my favourite bollywood director of recent times. Already it's a hell of a job matching the standards of LSD, Oye Lucky and Khosla still he manages to pull off a gritty tale with such panache which compels me to compare him with the Hollywood great Quentin Tarantino. The city of Bharat Nagar is about to have a turn of fate as the ruling government tries to convert it into an infrastructure marvel but then there's a proclaimed personnel and social activist Aahmedi played by Bengal's very own Prosenjit Chatterjee. But the ruling party has other plans for him as he is brutally injured in a hit and run case which leaves Shalini(Kalki Koechlin) to fight it out to the find the truth behind the proclaimed accident. Imran Hashmi plays Joginder Parmar who's a videographer come pornographer who has some evidence that might help things fall into place for Aahmedi. The real kick comes when Krishnan(Abhay Deol) in given the responsibility to find out the truth. What works for Shanghai is that even though so much is going around all the time there is this definite attention given to each and every detail that you are just kept glued to the screen. Plus there is the fine twist in the end as well. The scenes without any background score, a Dibakar Banerjee trend I suppose, the gritty yet amicable screenplay everything is I personally love. You actually can feel through the scenes as they pass.

The performances are exceptional be it Abhay Deol, Kalki or even Hashmi as he steps inside shoes which one would never consider to fit him. But then that's the sheer genius of Dibakar Banerjee. Still though call me greedy I expected a little tiny bit more drama. But then nothing is perfect. After 'Kahaani' it is in my opinion the second best movie I have set my eyes upon in 2012. Take A Bow Mr.Director!

Jannat 2 (2012)
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Jannat 2 : Not Really A Heavenly Experience, 7 May 2012

They say over-confidence kills a man, in this case it kills the movie.

Banking on the success of Jannat, Jannat 2 first of all is not a sequel at all and director Kunal Deshmukh's third attempt at direction failed to impress me.

Starring Imran Hashmi as Sonu Dilli KKC(kutti kamini cheez) who as described is shown as a shrewd arms dealer and ACP Pratap Rachuvanshi(Randeep Hooda) is the tough cop who wants to bring an end to the arms dealing racket. Esha Gupta plays Imran's love interest.

The first half of the movie is disappointing as the story goes no where and even though I personally love it when some high octane swearing is involved clearly in Jannat 2 there's too much unnecessary involvement of Behen*** and Ch**** which is irritating.

The second half has a good pace to it, the story opens up more but it is again the very predictable end that leaves you wondering why did they make the movie when they didn't have a good script considering Jannat was pretty good.

The music is pretty good and even though some songs just start from nowhere you still enjoy them.

Imran Hashmi does his best tp save the film, Esha Gupta looks simply stunning but falters in the one scene where she could have actually shown her acting skills and Randeep Hooda is for me brilliant. He surely would have been a contender for the supporting role award had the movie been a little better. Still since the movie is a sure hit there might be some hope.

Watch it only for Esha beauty or for Hooda's performance


Hate Story (2012)
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A Brave Attempt :), 24 April 2012

An "erotic thriller" in India, man that's something you do not come across every day. So, Vivek Agnihotri did manage to gather a respectable amount of audience for his latest movie.

For me, Hate Story is just about an average movie.

The story is all about a cat and mouse chase between the protagonist Kavya Krishna played by Paoli Dam and Siddharth Dhanrajgir played by Gulshan Devaiya. There isn't much other than that.

Now, when a director is confident about the script and the overall movie itself it often goes in favour of the film itself. But this same confidence hits it hard when the director becomes so sure about the movie's success that he doesn't put in the desired effort. Unfortunately, Hate Story is about just that.

Even in Paoli Dam's case as the vibrant journalist(considering she is one the leading actress in the Bengali film industry) it seems that just because she's showing off her skin and doing bold scenes, she feels that the audience won't care if she hams through most of the scenes and talks in a weird trying to be sensuous kind of voice. I mean I felt so.

Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to the music and let me tell you one more thing the PROMO of Hate Story was much more BOLD(if you know what I mean.. hehe) than the whole movie itself.

A MAJOR REASON that left me disappointed :P considering that I had to tell my parents I was going for the movie. Plus the word 'Fuck' was used wherever possible which was annoying.

Yet,(there's always a 'yet') I can cannot ignore the brave attempt, the good pace and the not so bad concept of the movie. Plus Gulshan Devaiya does a decent job as well. Nikhil Dwivedi is just okay. And Paoli Dam respect

2/5 My advice wait for the director's cut version ;)

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Donate Some Time To Vicky Donor - Worth It :), 21 April 2012

Very Recently I had an argument with a friend when i asked him that out of the two movies released this Friday which would be given preference bu him. He said and I'd quote that "(It's a)disgrace that people can actually watch this".

No offence but Vicky Donor would be like a slap on the face for such people. It is fresh, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana as the Punjabi munda Vicky who doesn't have a job of his own and is constantly nagged by his mother played by Dolly Alluwalia. His grandma, on the other hand as Vicky himself says pretty modern and very supportive. All's not well for him until Dr.Baldev Chadda played by Annu Kapoor finds out that Vicky can be an excellent sperm donor. Midway he falls in love with Ashima Roy(Yami Gautam) and the story carries on further.

The interesting part about Vicky Donor is that although the film preaches the topic of sperm donation at no point does the film uses vulgarity or cheap humour to carry it along.

The music is very catchy at the least and songs like 'Paani da' and 'Rum whisky' really help to keep up the tempo of the movie.

The screenplay by Juhi Chaturvedi is apt and even the 2 hr 15 min doesn't seem too long.

Yes the dialogues are a bit repetitive, the story a bit sluggish in parts but the good acting performances by the entire cast hide the negatives more or less. Annu Kapoor, Dolly and her mother-in-law impress in particular. Ayushmann has very good screen presence and Yami looks superb.

It's a definite thumbs up from my side for Shoojit Sircar's Vicky Donor. You should not give this a miss if possible.


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You Can Give It A Try!, 9 March 2012

On a serious note what I do in order to rate movies is that I start with 5 and then keep deducting as the movie progresses where ever it seems flawed. But the sole purpose of watching movies like Char Din Ki Chandni is to sit back and continuously make fun of the movie and everyone involved with it. I don't even bother to rate them leave alone writing a review. But but but! this time we actually enjoyed the movie. There were a few really unusual things which happened :

1. The theatre was housefull, usually we are the only ones watching the movie besides a few couples occupying the corner seats. Wait a minute! they too don't really watch the movie, do they?

2. We laughed at something which was meant to be funny, usually the smiles and roars come when something goes terribly wrong and the moments the filmmakers believe to tickle our bones just invite yawns and sighs.

So yes director Samir Karnik's Char Din Ki Chandni is a good film even though anyone you'll ask will just say negative things about it which is of course what I too would have done.

Review in a while.

Kulraj Randhawa ♥ ♥,

Tusshar Kapoor :P the only flaw :P

Me - 2.5/5

Audience- 3/5

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