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Movies from this year likely to get one of the 6 major Academy Awards. (Best picture, actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, director)
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My absolute favorite TV shows. If anyone wants to recommend some to me, I will try to watch them. These are not in any order!
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These are psycho characters from random movies. Please give me more suggestions by writing a comment. This list is in order.
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This is my opinion and if you have a different one, let me know in the comment box. I will name each director's best movie. This is in the order I think they each deserve. In the comment box: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.
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We all have mixed feelings about Ben Affleck as Batman, so who would you choose?
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These are people that make me laugh. They don't have to make you laugh. If there are some you want on this list..... write a nice comment. This list is in no particular order.
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These are really creepy looking pictures of normal (usually) looking people... Write a comment, tell me what you think... Some pictures are better than others...