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This is more of a way to keep track of what I have. But you are more than welcome to browse. This is also a collection of both VHS and DVD. Obtained so many VHS tapes my early years and didn't have the heart to get rid of them. Although there are some movies I have on both DVD and VHS.
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Obviously need to have at least 3 to make the list. I am putting the 1st of each movie so I can save space and build up the list. I hope you realize I include the 2nd,3rd,4th... even though they are not posted. And not all the movies in a trilogy have to be great just as long as most of them are. In no particular order.
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This is in no particular order. I know I am missing a bunch of your favorites so please let me know which ones I missed so they can be added. I tried to make this as timeless as I could, adding characters from movies pre CGI. And I didn't want to use characters from ensemble casts such as Pulp Fiction or Lord of the Rings. I hope I was able to bring back a few memories and look forward to your comments.
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I only picked 1 movie for every sport because this list would be too long for all the baseball, football and boxing movies. These are not necessarily the best or my favorite sports movies for each category, but certainly some of the most memorable. Let me know what some of your favorites are.
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Action stars from the 90's or earlier. Although the Expendables movies have tried to capitalize on this idea nothing will compare to a movie starring ALL of these people. I had a debate with some people about my Expendables 2 Wish list. I don't think it was a good movie, nor am I running out to see the new one. It was the idea of having as many older action stars in one movie that I liked. So I am creating this list instead. This should've been the one I had posted first. Check out my Expendables 2 wish list for a copy of the debate.
Let me know if I missed anyone.
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A list of actors and actresses who have made attempts at directing. Some of these people have only one or a few films to their credit. Good or bad they made the list. Some "1st times" were TV movies or uncrediteds and I didn't count "shorts" as a 1st time. And they must have been an actor first, not the other way around. Let me know if I missed anyone.
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These are not necessarily the best ever made. I tried to use as many sports as possible so I didn't have a list full of Baseball and Football movies. The rest are categorized by types of sports. The first 4 are my favorites.
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My opinion of the best. When Directors were storytellers and not dependent on computers to disguise the fact they don't know how to make movies. In no particular order, except for #1.
(I know there are 41 but there was no way for me to put 2 people into one rank)
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I am making this list cause I am sick and tired of people claiming Shutter Island and The Departed are his best movies. Good yes, but not nearly as good as his earlier films. In order.
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Here's a list of actors I would like to see in the next Expendables movie. The cast is pretty much in place so these are people I think should have been chosen. ONLY ACTION STARS FROM THE 80'S AND 90'S. Please don't suggest newer action stars.