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The most beautiful actresses of present time.
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Movies coming soon that have my attention. Ranked by release date.

For years 2013 - 2014:

Escape Plan -
Riddick -
Ender's Game -
Thor: the Dark World -
Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug -
Dark World 2: Equilibrium -
Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark -
300: Rise of an Empire -
Sabotage -
Noah -
22 Minutes -
Godzilla -
Edge of Tomorrow -
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction -
Legend of Hercules -
Dawn Planet of Apes -
Hercules -
The Expendables 3 -
Sin City 2: A Dame to kill for -
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies -
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Mostly Bollywood and South India movies stars from now.
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According to me and what I have watched so far.
a list of 100 titles
I will update list later with more entries.
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Encyclopedia - listing them all - from past to present - from Americas to Europe to Asia
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Movies featuring a vehicle causing death.
If you have any suggestions, please post them. Most of these titles thanks to IMDB message boards threads about "killer car movies".
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A list of actors more or less fitting for a role in the coming movie Expendables 3.
With ideas of role they could have..
Under construction list.
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30 movies which in my opinion, represent the best. From what I have watched, at least.
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I didn't like these movies because they bored me, or just didn't like the story.
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Some movies tend to be underrated. One wonders why, because they aren't that bad.
Updating list as I check the movies ratings compared to my own opinion of movies listed.
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Owned on DVD or watched on TV, the list of series I appreciate.
Not completed yet. Unranked.
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Not necessarily the most famous, but in my opinion, among the best ones -from those I have seen at least-
Pas forcément les plus célèbres, mais à mon avis, parmi les meilleures -de celles que j'ai vues du moins-
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Actors/actresses of early/mid XX th century (mostly), these actresses should have a IMDB image on their profile. - List in the making, worldwide meant list. Suggestions of actors/actresses welcomed.

Edit: Also added some TV hosts and singers.
Edit2: it seems that two listed actor/actress received a picture since the list was created. Good to see!
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These ten movies are in my opinion, among those I have seen (ie "Gone with the Wind", "It's a Wonderful Life", I haven't seen them yet, so I cannot list them as I cannot judge them...), the best movies ever made.
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The movies currently being in the Top 250, that shouldn't be.
And other overrated by critics/average ratings out of top 250.
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Listed by name
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Listing all creatures/monster based movies I saw so far. Might forget some many I saw!
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Well, mind the fact I didn't see them all...therefore if one isn't in, it might just be because I didn't see it yet and cannot judge it (as a matter of fact)!

No particular order in this list.
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No order, I watched each of those a significant amount of times.
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