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Tooth (2004)
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Worth seeing to really appreciate how bad a film can be, 14 March 2004

Yesterday I went to see this film, mainly because last year I had started writing a children's book about a tooth fairy world and wondered how it could have turned out. I am a 23 year old, but enjoy children's films too, and after seeing Harry Enfield on This Morning suggesting that it had a lot of gags for adults too, I was looking forward to it.

How wrong could I be! It had a good cast, but had no real story, appeared to be dull and dreary, couldn't decided which country it was set in (US Dollars and British pennies apparently making up the currency), couldn't decide which decade it was shot in and had no likable characters whatsoever.

Please do go and make up your own mind, I want other people to see it just to know how much you wish it was over.

I am going to leave it at that before my blood pressure shoots up again!