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Fun and enjoyable, 15 December 2015

So, I was surfing Netflix and found this film. I really enjoyed the film and would watch it again. I am a sucker for the romantic comedies, especially if they have a fun Christmas message! In this film, she is initially overwhelmed and obsessed with her ex boyfriend, who she is convinced will come back to her. She has to relive Christmas eve over and over until she is gets it right. She is pretty self absorbed in herself and fails to see the needs of those around her. But as she has a chance to relive the day over and over, she starts to get to know those around who she would normally not notice. She also has a chance to spend more time with a first date and really gets to know him as she goes through the day over and over. There may be some who think the film is predictable, but I loved to see what was going to happen the next day! I always love a fun and positive message film! Love it and would watch it again!

Easy to watch and I enjoyed it!, 15 December 2015

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I really enjoyed the film. It is not a multimillion dollar budget film, but it was great and enjoyable to watch. The actors were good and I am a sucker for cute dogs! This film is about Luce Lockhart who has to realize what is important at Christmas. I don't know about you, but I never get tired of happy uplifting stories and films with a positive message. I guess I'm just not as negative as some, so sorry guys, but I really enjoyed the film and would watch it again. If you love action packed films or special effects, this film is not the one for you! If you like more character driven holiday films with a positive message and a fun romantic twist, then the film is for you! And who does not love those dogs!! Christmas, dogs, romance--I'm in!

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Emma gets to redo the last two days of her junior year of high school., 17 August 2012

This film actually was quite entertaining and those of us who watched it, really enjoyed it! Some of those bad ratings where given before the film was even out, so not sure how they could rate it? Even my 19 year old son really liked it. He did not expect to watch the whole thing when we watched it, but he didn't want to miss what would happen next. It was a very cute, fun and entertaining movie about Emma who tries to make everyone happy, even if it means compromising herself. She has an opportunity to relive the last two days of her junior year and these two days will affect her future life. I like the way this story unfolds! It was one of those films where you have to stick around to find out what will happen next. It is a feel good movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone!! I enjoyed the writer's sense of humor and you will enjoy the characters in the film! I loved the first review and I agree with her overall, but I would give it a higher rating! It is an excellent coming of age movie that the whole family can enjoy!