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Chains (1989/I)
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classic late 80's action, 28 January 2004

Now before you take the other reviews to heart and change your mind about this movie; remember that these type of films arn't for the mainstream people who demand high budget. this film is strictly low-budget, poor cast, ok - poor acting, but it does the job, and if you are in to a film where gangs are chasing yuppies through deserted gangland then i will guarantee that you will like this movie. Now to the plot; two yuppie couples are on thier way to a jazz club in chicago and in classic low budget style they decide to try and get thier quicker by taking a stupid ass detour. this is where the trouble begins as they can't find there way out. At the same time that the morons are getting lost the leader of "the chains"(the main gang)is shot dead by a rival gang member, this member happens to bump in to the lost yuppies and hitch a ride if he can guide them out of "chains territory". the only problem is that they don't know that he shot the leader of the chains gang and that now the gang is after them aswell. what follows is a good film with some decent killings, some action and some good "comedic" moments aswell. overall go and rent this film out and give it a go(but only if you like the this genre of movie. i must close by saying that this film is good but not a patch on "enemy territory" with TONY TODD, this is the best gang film ever made and if you like chains then you will love this.

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the seediest of seedy movies, 13 October 2003

ok, i have nowhere to begin in reviewing this movie but seen as there is no other reviews i feel that it is my civic duty to help anybody who is thinking about watching this film.

Firstly, this film is about a dodgy looking character who starts working in a seedy strip club and starts doing EXTRA work for the mob like boss who runs the place. a few twists and turns later you have an ex girlfriend, a seedy cop(great casting in eric roberts by the way), a whole handful of dimands and cia agents. this film is basically your typical low budget, seedy, eric roberts type film that you will either love or hate. however i will promise you that if you give it a chance you will suddenly start to like the twists and turns that the plot has to offer. overall a good steady film, and if you like eric roberts being arrogant in his roles, this is certainly for you.

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Eric Roberts fans will love this, 13 October 2003

i bought this film close to three days ago because in england you can't catch eric roberts films everyday. I was interested in this film not only because i am a massive eric roberts fan but the idea of the film was unique. the first thing you immedietly notice with this film is that it is very low-budget, but so many independent films are, and once you give the film the initial five to ten minutes you will start to enjoy the very twisted plot. The plot is an american man gets hired to do a hit and with many twists and turns the film will unravel. beware if you don't like a film set entirly in mexico with mexican music do not get this film, believe me i am a massive eric roberts fan but the whole mexican thing got very annoying later on in the film. OVERALL a good solid eric roberts performance with the odd laugh, the odd killing and the certainly odd plot. i must finally say that joagim de almeida puts in a stunning bad guy performance even topping his portrayal as "bucho" in desperado.