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Epic-Est Post-Apocalyptic Movie Ever, 13 August 2011

This movie is a must see. Out of any other Post Apocalyptic movies that I had ever seen this one delivers that sweet Benny Benassi "Satisfaction" of a aftermath catastrophe in a barbaric environment that pleases your human eye balls. I admit this movie is at times boring (but don't be bothered by those few times) the fantastic storyline of finding a City powered by Nuclear Cold Fusion means in a world set in a near future devastating chaotic aftermath of oil shortage is quite slim, and yet this is what makes this movie quite interesting and entertaining to the Apocalyptic Movie Styled fans. You will keep your eyes glued to this movie even if you don't like where the movie is going and that is what makes this movie as Epic as the story of Gilgamesh! But nevertheless this is a film with high hopes for the many Post-Apocalyptic movies to come. I had never seen Mad Max or The Road, but this movie surely puts those 2 movies to shame... Period! Despite the fact that at times what makes this movie a little disappointing is a few bad actors, yet mostly believable. This movie has a few mind boggling "whoa that's one gruesome crazy awesome scene!" moments... But unlike the bad reviews for this movie, In my eyes that have seen a lot of movies either bad or good, this movie is worth seeing either you like it or not it is a Must See.