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Gripping Horror/Thriller, 9 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you've seen the trailer you'll know what your going to get – suspenseful, claustrophobic thriller, when horrible things happen to a group exploring a cave system.

Sounds simple but the direction is top notch, good performances from all involved and it somehow manages to dodge most current horror/thriller clichés to deliver a well paced film, filled with enough jump inducing moments to even give this harden horror buff a few scares ! I was so glad I saw this during the day – stepping out into warm sunshine after seeing this film was such a relief after 90 min of on-screen darkness and terror

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Enjoyable Spoof, 4 December 2004

Great idea - overplayed in places, but still enjoyable.

If they'd have been a bit more subtle in places they'd have made a better film. Performances of Neve Campbell as Princess Elizabeth and Phil Cornwall as Martin Boreman (with a great east-end accent) really stand out. Pity they didn't have time to develop some of the supporting roles especially the irish cockney of Mackenzie Crook and Miranda Richardson as Eva Braun

One to look back on laugh. Just wish they could do a sequel but in reverse - the British all action hero Churchill saving America from the Communist threat !

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Off form, 16 August 2004

Just seen this film and still find it hard to believe that the likes of Denzil Washington agreed to appear in it, and Tony Scott directs it. Though it was good to see Mickey Rourke appearing in a film and not looking like someone who was on death's door for a change.

Brutal and clichéd are how I would describe this film. The idea of the 'lost soul' looking for redemption reminded me of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. But unlike the western this slips into sentimentality and veers away from the true darkness of the main character. He can kill "sweaty and corrupt" Mexicans but the scripts veer away from the true brutality of the main character when threatening a woman or the girl's father. Not that I'm condoning violence against women, more the fact that the film did not stay true to the character - don't worry little girl, I've killed in cold blood, maimed and tortured individuals but I'm really a nice person and would never hurt any true blond haired, blue eyed American!

The choice of music - mournful vocals - was very similar to Gladiator. Were we also have a man of violence driven forward by revenge. But while Maximus was a character trying to escape violence and start a normal existence Creasy just comes across as an unoriginal, unstoppable killing machine. The scene when he was buying guns was right out of an Early Arnie film such as Terminator or Commando.

Finally the direction. What was Tony Scott thinking; stop trying to copy the likes of David Fincher and Darren Aronofsky. Stick to what you are good at set piece over the top action sequences - car chases, impossible shoot outs etc. The 'realistic' gritty edgy style here with digital cameras, ragged editing and jarring camera movements became from tedious very quickly.

Maybe one to rent on a wet Saturday

"The Tick" (2001)
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Scheduling Fiasco, 8 August 2004

When I first heard there was going to be a live action version of the classic cartoon series The Tick, I thought to myself "what planet are these people on!"

However having just viewed the short-lived, live-action TV series I have to utter a very humble apology on my part, for my lack of confidence in the creative abilities of all those who worked on the series, both behind and in-front of the cameras. It was such a wonderful series, funny, charming and original. The writing and the performances were all top-notch, each episode improving on the previous without a dull moment or un-funny line ever being delivered.

While for those people who cancelled the show I now direct my original scorn - "What Planet Are These People On." Putting a brand new and ORGINAL TV series up against a top rated Reality TV Series (and please let this cycle of humiliating reality programmes come to and end), only to find it doesn't score big .... well what a surprise – can see why they are high paid TV Execs with that big of foresight !!

I have to assume that those who came up with this scheduling fiasco had some plan behind it all - perhaps thinking that a show as 'unreal' as The Tick would appeal to those not sucked into the reality TV world. But instead of cancelling this very promising series why not move it to a different slot and show some confidence in the creative ability of those working on it.

It's probably a forlorn hope but maybe, just maybe one day some one will put up the cash for a "Tick - The Movie". After all if some are willing to invest ridiculous sums of money into projects like the last two Matrix movies or The Lara Croft films who knows. Then again they might be the same people who tried bringing The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to cinema auidences ....... doh !

Lighthouse (1999)
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Really Bad Movie, 27 April 2004

This is the sort of film that gives horror films a bad name, not as a result of graphic violence or for exploitation of women. BUT simply becuase its such a rubbish film. Please Simon (Writer & Director - so you have to take responsibility) think really long and hard before attempting another film.

Why is the most dangerous killer in the UK being taken to an island prison on a rust bucket ship with just ten others. Why has thew ship only apparently got a crew of 1 ! Why don't they just fly him to this prison - we see a helicopter later in the film !

How come the killer manages to slip past people in the lighthouse - there's one stairs yet he manages to appear on different floors, by-passing those above or below.

Even though people are killed by having there throats cuts there's never any blood stains on the floor - just on light bulbs or toilet bowls

Why is everyone so stupid ... I'll run away for ten seconds then not be able to find my way back, even though I have a torch and a radio. And the island is illuminated by the lighthouse light. Instead I'll stumble on to the boat that the killer has hidden.

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Wasted Chance, 20 November 2003

It's such a shame a huge wealth of background material - hundreds of characters, thousands of stories, a whole new society and culture and this is the result a poor mish mash of ideas and concepts. And worst of all Rob Schneider's comedy side kick routine - has ever been in a good comedy - which really does kill this film. It's not that there shouldn't have been any humour in the film, just with a more subtly delivery

The look of the film with its realisations of the Judges, Mega City One, The Angel Gang and HammerStein, goes to show that some people working on this film did appreciate the source material. Pity the likes of the script writers, producers and director choose to not follow their excellent example

a sad end, 6 November 2003

Matrix a Great movie .... new fresh ideas, interesting characters, well paced story delivering the goods at the end.

Matrix Trilogy a big disappointment .... best ideas from the first film stretched into two others with a bigger budget but generating no excitement or feeling. It just didn't work.

Matrix Revolutions .... even borrowing bits from Aliens, Return of the Jedi and Miracleman comic couldn't save this film

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Bad, 13 October 2003

When on my deathbed I look back over my life, I know I will be regretting the 90 min I wasted viewing this awful film.

If there's a list of ten things to do to make a film real awful then this has eleven of them.

Its such a shame to see an actor of Jurgen Ptochnow appear in something as bad as this