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"Castle" (2009)
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Nathan is in his element!!!, 15 March 2009

For anyone of the "Firefly" persuasion, you are in for a treat! ABC realized what a gem they had in Nathan Fillion when he did his guest stint on Desperate Housewives, and they quickly got their act together and gave him a series! In other words, Nathan is back!! :) This series has a great start to it, with a strong ensemble cast that brings out a great multi-dimensional quality to the show. It is clever, and sarcastic humor reigns. The plot of the pilot was your typical Crime Investigation approach, but it is the delivery of this fine cast that breaks it apart from other shows. With that being said, I hope that they do develop the story lines a bit better in the future, but no matter what happens, this show is a joy to watch simply because of the cast...especially Nathan Fillion. This character is very much like Mal Reynolds in Firefly, and that is what brought me to this show. The rest of the cast and the great delivery is what will keep me with this show!! Well done ABC!!

"Raines" (2007)
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Midseason Jackpot!!, 31 March 2007

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Finally, a very unique, refreshing twist on the crime series genre!! Jeff Goldblum, as always is at his subtle brilliance, yet comes forth with moments of intense emotion that lead you to see an almost palpable fear and vulnerability behind his character's exterior presence.

This is the first Crime "Who-done-it" show that is able to keep me thinking "Who-done-it" for more than the first 5 minutes of the show. The twists and evolutions of the plot keep me entertained with moments of humor, poignancy, and a sense of the unsettledness that Raines deals with every day by just being himself.

The writing is brilliant, and Jeff is just stunning. I would like to see more use of Matt Craven...and my opinion is that they could combine the characters of Carolyn Crumley and Sally Lance played by Nicole Sullivan and Linda Park (respectively) into one character. I would love to see Nicole Sullivan take the part of the female Police Detective. I think she has the perfect range to provide a contrast to Jeff's character. I also catch myself wondering about Dov Davidoff's character of Remi Boyer and why he is really there.

This is just an outstanding show, and I hope that NBC keeps it going!! They finally have knocked one out of the ballpark!!!

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Bond is Back!!, 16 March 2007

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From the moment this movie started, we knew we were in for a treat of action, intrigue and suspense!! Bond is most definitely back, and Daniel Craig brings to this role an edginess that we really enjoyed seeing.

We are big fans of the Bond Films...and there have been a few stumbles in the chain of movies, so it was very refreshing to see the movie get right to work with an opening sequence that had me holding my breath. Amazing stunts & scenery changes are combined to make the first 10 minutes of the film an important "grab" for your attention, and happily the rest of the film doesn't let you down.

There is one scene of torture that is a bit hard to take, with Bond's nudity and the implied area of torture making my husband and I both squirm a bit.. so if you have younger sensitive viewers in your family, be forewarned. This film definitely earns it's PG-13 rating in that scene. The rest of the movie stays more in line with the typical Bond stylized violence.

The Villain of the movie, Le Chiffre is quiet, calm, almost handsome, and played to perfection by Mads Mikkelsen. He brings to the role an air of determination, calmness and quiet desperation. He is a villain that we enjoyed to hate.

This is a movie that we will definitely be purchasing and watching often. We are looking forward to seeing Daniel Craig in the next Bond film!!


"Dirt" (2007)
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The worst thing I have seen in a long time..., 3 January 2007

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This show doesn't know if it wants to be a drama, a soap opera, or a porn movie. Just the worst thing I have seen in a long time.

I hate to see Courtney Cox and David Arquette, who have vocally come out against the "stalkarazzi" before, turn around and glorify them. It's almost as if they are thinking "if you can't beat them, join them". That is the least of the problems with this show though. There is no direction, the plot is weak at best, and the acting...well everyone seemed to have either a stony expression or the look of shock the whole way through.

Definitely not going to tune into this one again.

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So good, where do I start?, 4 December 2006

This show has me hooked!! It's an amazing balance of all the conflicts and joys within a family. It delves into diverse belief systems; political, social and religious, and how they affect this family's structure. There are times of division, and amazing times of solidarity, as if to say: We are family...we fight, we love, we are at polar opposites sometimes, but we are always together.

The cast is anchored by Sally Field (Thank goodness she is back!!) her talent is still amazing, and I just love to watch her!! Also at the forefront is Calista Flockhart...her life, love, career and even her place in this family, are at odds with each other.. and she portrays all the conflicting emotions seamlessly!!

Each cast member lends a very realistic and emotional performance that leaves you feeling like they are truly a family. Whoever did the casting job on this, just did a great job!!

I am so glad that this show was picked up thru the season..I just hope it stays there! ABC has a bad habit of canceling it's most promising shows without much time to prove itself. Let's hope they don't do that with this little gem!!

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Aaron Sorkin has Done it again!!, 19 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just a few short lines about this show...It's fast paced, with dialog sometimes overlapping, an Aaron Sorkin trademark in my book..but it's edgy, it's slick and It's just great to see Matthew Perry finally get the chance to show his true range as an actor. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford act as if they have truly been together as partners in the business for most of their careers..and they play off of each other seamlessly. There is little left over of "Friends" in Perry's performance..he really spreads his wings here! Yes he has comedic moments, but it's with a much darker approach.

Whitford's portrayal of "Josh" from West Wing sneaks in, but it's definitely darker, and he brings an air of uncertainty to his character that is almost palpable.

My only beef with this show so far is that I felt like Amanda Peet did nothing but do a "half smile" all through the show. She needs more dialog, or they need to pull the camera off of her just felt like she was hiding a funny secret all night.

Timothy Busfield..what can I say..I have missed him ever since "Thirtysomething" went off the air!! I enjoyed him on West Wing, and hoped we would see more of we get to!! He still has the gift..and the added years have just added layers and subtlety. Glad to see him back!! Steven Weber - Good to see him in a position that has some real grit to share....I hope to see a lot more of him!! That's my first impression of this's edgy, slick and it sure is good to see Aaron Sorkin back at the helm of a new show. Let's hope he stays there and has a good support team to help keep it that way!!

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I have watched this show for the last time...., 18 August 2006

Entertainment Tonight has been going down hill for the last few years, but as of last night (Aug 17th 2006) they reached a new low.

In an effort to try to hype up their broadcast, they decided to post actual photos of JonBenet Ramsey's body in their teasers last night ...saying "Pictures from the case you have never seen before". The two photos were graphic and very disturbing. One was of the side of her face and head/neck and you could clearly see the cord that was used to strangle her around her neck, and bruising on her face. This was so hideously awful, I could not believe it. How has this got to do with ANYTHING remotely related to Hollywood Entertainment?? Nothing!! They have dropped their level of dignity and values to a new low....and it shows. This used to be THE premiere show to watch...and it's just garbage now.

I will watch Access Hollywood from now on.

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Cute :), 8 February 2006

This is a cute story, and I have enjoyed each episode..I do have to say, that I feel it is just a reversal of Dharma and Greg..this time She is the lawyer, and He is the happy go lucky, "Don't really care what everyone thinks" person. However, like I said, it's cute and funny and I'm enjoying it :) I have always liked Josh Randall...have missed him since the "Ed" days, so it's great to see him back on a regular basis...!! I also am enjoying watching Dabney Coleman as Alex's father..he can really have some great comedic timing, and I love him when he is abrasively funny. A good balance to the show in general.

I will keep's an easy laugh to top off my Mondays :)

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Another great hit from CBS!, 20 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

CBS has done it again..a fresh new comedy, and right out of the gate, the chemistry between all of the main characters feels settled in, like they have known each other as long as the story alludes to.

The premise: Ted's best friend has just gotten engaged, and at the age of 27, Ted is starting to feel that "settle down" kinda feeling. And it's his friends mission to help him find that perfect woman!! The voice of Bob Saget plays the "future Ted" who is telling his teenage children all about "how I met your Mother"...and he does a great job of interjecting the humor, embarrassment, terror and ultimately, the pilot ending Surprise,in a kind of "Wonder Years" type format that suits this whole concept very well.

Josh Radnor plays Ted, and is a great comedic actor, with very good timing, and very believable as slightly bumbling yet definitely desirable man ready to start out a new life.

Neil Patrick Harris plays the lovable, yet obnoxious "other" best friend Barney...and his performance was great!! What a comedian he is!! I look forward to seeing more of him in this well written role!!

Alyson Hannigan plays Lily... for all you Buffy fans, you will appreciate and enjoy the new comedic talent that is coming to light in this great young actress.

Jason Segel plays Marshall..Ted's Best Friend..again, another good fresh comedian who has spot on timing, and just compliments this ensemble cast perfectly.

I haven't been this excited about a comedy since Friends...I hope that this does well..with the surprise ending that it had, I can see how they can possibly take this show into a fairly long run with lots of fun twist and turns. I hope they can come up with a lot of them!! I am definitely watching this one again!! Bravo CBS!!

"Surface" (2005)
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It has possibility!!, 19 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think NBC MAY be onto to something this season!! To me, it's much better than Threshold ( maybe I was scared silly during Threshold)...They need to tighten up the characters a bit, but I expect things to be a bit widespread while they develop the early parts of this story. Hopefully it will all come together to form the core story in a few episodes.

My only disappointment in the entire show was the youngest actor (Carter Jenkins) who plays Miles. He wasn't given enough dialog or direction (in my opinion) to help guide his character. To me, he just looked wide eyed and bewildered for most of the episode. However, I expect that to change as well, so I'm not too worried about it at this point and time.

This has the possibility to go in a great direction of suspense and entertainment if they do things right. I for one, will be watching for the next few weeks to see how it goes!!

Good luck guys need a good season this year..I hope this helps start it off on a good note!

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