Lists by Darii

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a list of 622 titles
Movies i've wanted to see. Not in order by year, just movies i've missed out on over the years.
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a list of 74 titles
a list of 23 titles
French films watched by me. Not in order.
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movies I've watched from Middle Eastern countries.
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Movies I've watched from South Korea
a list of 11 titles
German, Belgian, Swiss, Czech
a list of 20 titles
All the movies filmed in the Swedish language that I have watched.

Plus other Nordic languages
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a list of 39 titles
A list of all the Spanish movies I have watched. They include movies from all Spanish speaking countries not just Spain and Mexico
a list of 24 titles
British And Australian Films I've watched.

Also includes Irish films.
a list of 47 titles
Telugu language films from India that I have watched. List is not in any order. I'm a big Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun fan, if you haven't noticed.
NOTE: Not all Telugu films have IMDB profiles. Listed below is thoses without.
1. Sye
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Not in order
a list of 7 titles
Movies from Russian, Serbia, Romania, etc. etc. countries in Eastern Europe that I have watched.
a list of 12 titles
Movies from Thailand. Not in order
a list of 9 titles
Japanese movies watched by me. List is not in any kind of order.
a list of 17 titles
Tamil language films from mostly India. List is not in any order!

NOTE: NOT ALL HAVE IMDB PROFILES. Here is the list of those seen with no profile.
1. Varaluru: History Of A Godfather
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movies watched in 2012
a list of 3 titles
Movies from the smaller film countries in S.E Asia. Countries include Indonesia, The Philippines,etc. Does not include Thailand.
a list of 75 titles
A list of English movies that I have watched in 2011(I don't usually watch too many Hollywood movies)
a list of 2 titles
a list of 5 titles
All watched Malayalam films. List not in order.