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Bunch of TV series that I used to watch as a kid but now I don't either because they were discontinued or because I grew out of them. These are the series I watched / currently watch as an adult:
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List of films that I recommend my friend Dana (and everyone else) to watch. She already watched some of them but I didn't want to leave them out. This list does not have every film I've watched. Only a selection.
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This is a list of the movies we watched in my Eng 219 class, Film As Text. Constantly updated until the end of the semester. It will then be updated with titles watched in cinematography classes that follow this class.
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List of titles who were originally books, novels, trilogies and whatnot. The list is divided in three categories: to-read/to-watch, read/to-watch and read/watched. You can learn more about the Read it 1st Pledge here:
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A constantly updated list of people who are the reason why my life is ruined and my feels are in pieces, scattered everywhere.
(No specific order. I'm adding whoever I remember.)