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the beautiful theory!!, 18 January 2015

The buzz around "The Theory of Everything" is in full swing, thanks to the various nominations including the Oscars it garnered this awards season. I wouldn't have dared to bet on the movie having any chance to come this far when I first saw it, courtesy the screener copy (hate to reveal being a pirate :P), none whatsoever except Eddie Redmayne for his portrayal as Stephen Hawking in the movie. Well here it is, standing tall with handful of nominations this awards seasons with 5 nominations in the Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor, Actress and Original Score. I just watched it a second time in cinema, this time falling more in love with the movie.

The story about Stephen hawking, the world renowned physicist and cosmologist wouldn't have been unheard of, there being lot of movies, documentaries and TV shows on his life and works. This movie though is shown from Jane Wilde Hawking's perspective who was Stephen Hawking's wife. The plot is not purely biopic as such but the movie takes us through the hard life Stephen Hawking had to go through after he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease and how his wife backed him throughout the tough times before eventually parting their ways. It would be an instant love affair if you happened to be a Stephen Hawking fan and for others you would appreciate the heart breaking drama which never goes over the top melodramatic. I loved the ending very much, a fitting climax drawn parallel to his work "A brief history of time".

The lead cast terrific and deservingly front runners in acting categories this awards season. I have had seen Felicity Jones (who played Jane Wilde Hawking) earlier and this without doubt is a breakthrough performance from her. The surprise package comes in form of a relatively unknown Eddie Redmayne who nearly nails it to perfection as Stephen Hawking, the kind of performance which reminds us of Daniel Day Lewis in "My Left Foot". Music by Johnson Johanson deserves a mention too for rendering an emotional texture to the frames. I, for one, loved the pace of the movie barring the lagging scenes somewhere in the middle, it kind of felt like dragging the movie into a heartfelt climax. :) To conclude, "The Theory of Everything" isn't the type of movie for casual movie goers who are looking for some time off the park. I would recommend it to serious movie buffs or for those wondering what the Oscars buzz is all about!! Not the perfect biopic yet a must watch. My rating 7.5/10

Oldies fire up big time!!, 16 October 2012

Never thought the series was an expandable one, but well, Expendables 2 is a far better movie than its predecessor. With some extreme but good action - was a bit over the top in the first movie, some very good comic liners, and then the screen magic with an ensemble cast - not to mention the electrifying vibe when one gets to see the oldies together - the movie is definitely a thrilling outing, and to the ones who grew up watching Stallone, Bruce and Arnold, this might serve to be nostalgic too. This time we have another oldie as villain, Gosh!! missed VanDamme and his kicks. Statham so funky, crude and witty with his oneliners as usual. Nothing thought provoking with the plot, in fact its just cooked up to bring together the characters. With a not so loud music and some decent action choreography, the movie finally ends up satisfying the masses. Definitely worth watching for the Oldie's fans. :)))

360 (2011)
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the worst hyperlink movie ever!!, 21 July 2012

Let me not get this wrong but there's no hyperlink movie - movies with inter related characters and plots - which bored me till date, until watching 360. And have seen quite a lot of them to benchmark the genre, or the least to enjoy them. 360 falls flat with a lame storyline though it assembles some of the finest actors - needless to say all of them wasted - and for a thread about human connections and relations, it leaves a lot to be desired in the end.

The making style, the narration and the editing were good, but the screenplay had nothing new to offer, seen all of them and many of these characters and plots else where - Magnolia, crash, 96 minutes, traffic, Nine lives to name a few. I mean where's the novelty in showing interlocking stories of characters in pursuit of money, sex, love which have been told a million times! Thankfully we don't have an accident in the plot, easily the saving grace from getting all dejavu'd! To make it lamer the background scores were so erratic and ludicrous.

The movie with some names in the cast is hard to put down, how deceiving! and for a thread that was supposed to draw and evolve the complex nature of human relations sadly stoops, even before the drama gets built up to the core. A big let down.:( :(

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brilliant finish to the epic trilogy., 20 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises(TDKR) is a brilliant finish to Nolan's Batman Trilogy. Its no mean thing to live up to the hype, The Dark Knight being one of the most acclaimed movies of the decade and Christopher Nolan being a God to fanatics ( me included :P), the rave previews, the buzz for Oscar had all made it the most anticipated movie of the year. One should watch it to get an idea why it was fussy all along!! And for the fans this is a must watch.

TDKR isn't flawless as its predecessor Dark Knight, yet turns out to be a stupendous movie, courtesy to a brilliantly written screenplay by Nolan brothers. The best thing about the screenplay is the buildup of each characters, each of them getting ample screen time which though ends up with a long running time ( 2 hours 45 minutes). It might not be appealing to first timers, for the movie carries huge references and links from the previous movies. The Villain Bane is hunky, destructive and ferocious unlike The Joker who was quick witted and wily. And there's a surprise package too which would keep u glued to the story - I shouldn't have said that :P. The movie isn't but without minor plot holes, certain things might just stop on you.

Ensemble cast with most of them reprising their roles from the previous movies, Marian Cottillard & Ann Hathaway sizzle as the lead ladies, Joseph Gordon comes in as a handy sideman (the Robin from Comics). The score by Hans zimmers keeps your pulses pumping throughout, and worth mentioning is the technical brilliance. Very less CGI for a comics movie, but yes the brilliance of Christopher Nolan is one to watch out in action scenes, the setting, the locations. TDKR is too realistic, dramatic and a bit too heavy for a superhero movie, and as someone said, makes all other comics movies look so cheap!! Don't miss this.

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Celebration of life., 13 July 2012

An overwhelmingly delightful and heartfelt English movie!! the movie is set in India where a group of English Old age persons come to reside and spend the rest of their lives, in "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" @ Jaipur. Things doesn't go well as written down and the "Senior Citizens" takes some toiling and blending to get well with the environment, and finally finding out the virtues and the privileges of "living". Its a celebration of life, the movie shows how the characters going through those emotional turbulence in the final phase of their lives gets over with it, each of them in pursuit of something better!

I was a bit bothered with my ambivalence, never felt good about the poking, the satires, the dig at the Indian culture and ways - which weren't deliberate and must admit, very real. But then there were lot of enthralling moments to cover it up as well. The exotic & an equally filthy locale, the Indian mannerisms, the way of communication were all so perfectly rendered. A somewhat clichéd subplot in form of a mini bollywood romance ( Indian couple only) did irk me, and that too when the movie was catching its prime. An ensemble cast ( all of them known faces) makes sure the movie never gets over dramatic or comical - though Dev Patel who plays the young manager of the hotel was a bit goofy. Thomas Newman has composed the music well, so congruent a blend of Indian and Western.

"Slumdog Millionaire" was way too 'hinglish' for a British movie - still wonder how it got Oscar crowned - and a bit over-showing the darker side of India ( loved the movie nevertheless ). "Darjeeling limited" was way too comical, "Outsourced", a simple but brilliant movie was poor though, in content and visuals. Well, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" in a way overdoes all these movies, yea it does have plot-holes, some instances melodramatic, some quite bollywoody! But you don't need to miss this movie, its a celebration of life. A beautiful quote from the movie ( which am sure is often heard and told in many different ways ) - Everything will be all right in the end. And if it's not all right, It's no the end. 8/10

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mixing it all to unleash the fury!!, 11 July 2012

Call it mindless or stupendous, Ha! Frank is gonna shoot you either wise. :D. It definitely gets into our blood, and it does succeed in fuming up our senses albeit being a brainless movie! What is it? a cooked up mixture of Juno, Super & Kickass!!! yup, take in all the plot lines from those movies, knit it together with some rhetoric dialogs - too much of them by the way - and some mindless shooting and blood spurting, there, that's the movie for you. :P

Gone are those days when we used to symbolize our pointless lives with subtle dramas, babbling and whining with eloquence which stood philosophically superior! Thanks to the makers of this movie, its all action - shooting, mob hitting and you-name-it-do-it which would metaphorically comply with quenching your gaming quotient. :D Needless to say, the artistic elements ain't the one to look out for in this movie ( fair to be, technically, it fares much better than some action thrillers) ,its a gamers paradise. yea, f**k 'em all up!! :D

Q (2011)
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erotica at its dramatic best.., 11 July 2012

Its hard to make a drama erotic, the more complex if its the other way around. Q is an erotica at its dramatic best, a distant topper in the genre. The plot evolves with lives of some characters revolving around Cecile, the protagonist in the drama, and how she change their lives. Too much subtle the screenplay at times, that we tend to lose it quite easily. And thankfully, the erotic scenes never shadows the feel of the movie which makes it engaging throughout.

The creditable performances from the cast imprints the quality of the drama, and quite deceitfully we get obsessed with the protagonist played by the gorgeous Déborah Révy - a rare breed of voluptuousness and acting prowess. The movie for all its sensuousness should be indebted to some unseen good locale, complemented well by good cinematography. A must stop port this for the erotica lovers, and a good watch for other movie goers. Its an erotica at its dramatic best. 6.5/10

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nostalgic piece from the pie series, 10 July 2012

American Reunion banks hugely on the successful franchise of American Pie series, and comes as a fitting finale which makes you nostalgic at the same time keeping you entertained. Though it never comes close to any of its predecessors - in terms of tickling your ribs - its hard to turn down, felt more like the huge American Pie fan following getting a get-together after a long time.

It was good to see Chris Klein back - he skipped American Wedding - with Mena Suvari, and almost all of them getting back for the reunion, Sean William Scott as Stifler looks hunky, yea with all his loud mouthings as usual! Well, the screenplay might not be the best thing to discuss, for its too loose and shabby - understandable though, with the tough ask of scripting something to bring back the whole team. The track "laid" is remixed in the end which was cool. My pick would be how Stiff Meister pays back Finchy big time!! :D

If you are a fan of American Pie series, this ones too good to miss! hmm warn u though, to keep your artistic brains away. Just enjoy like good old times. :)

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not an amazing Spider-Man, 6 July 2012

The Amazing Spiderman doesn't quite live up to be an amazing reboot of the franchise! But its a good one time watch, and probably lovable for those who got fed up with the Sam raimi - toby maguire Spiderman trilogy.. To be fair, The Amazing Spiderman might be close to the plots in comics, Ha! but then the rebooted comics version isn't a good reason to reboot an already successful movie series. Dejavu when you get to see too many scenes so identical to the 2002 film, understandably all grown from the same roots, hmm and like many, i strongly believe the reboot version was a bit early to be made..

Some better things, however, worth mentioning : the pretty Emma stone who is much better than Kirsten Dunst ( don't give a darn whether its Gwen or Mary Jane, they are meant to be Spiderman's Lady love anyways). A strong villain in Dr.Lizard, thanks to good CGI (poor characterization and casting though) and finally Music composed By James Horner. Andrew Garfield is cute - a good leap from "The Social Network" - but isn't quite the lovable Peter Parker we know.

The script, the dialogues and the closing lines were all lacking the firepower and the emotional vibrancy, just to make a comparison, the voice-over of Tobey's Spiderman(With great power comes great responsibility. This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm Spider-man.) still gives me the flare, which sadly is a huge miss with the rebooted movie. Memories afresh how I got crazy with Spider-Man(2002) during my schooldays!! hmm, The Amazing Spider-Man never comes close. 6/10

Burning Man (2011/I)
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burning drama!, 6 July 2012

"Burning Man" is one movie which can be tagged under Art-house. Stories about grieving men ain't that novel nowadays, yet Burning Man slaps at the very thought of giving us yet another clichéd piece, this one with all its brilliance is indeed refreshing a watch for the story it deals with.

The drama which unfolds in reverse chronological order - just like in "memento" - goes deep into the lives of the characters, all shown so roughly with incoherent fragments from the story that we feel like watching digged out incidents from the protagonist's memory. It did irk me at first, and i really had to be patient to get the hang of it. Its awfully slow at times that you would start hating it or, the worse, might stop watching it just like my cousin :D - I hate to stall in between. After I finished watching the movie, was amazed by the simplicity of the plot, which was fed to the viewer in a rather unconventional but powerful manner.

The pain the characters go through was brilliantly acted and shot. With some absorbing performances - my first Mathew Goode movie and am already a fan - amazing locale and soulful background score, this drama easily gets into my top Art-House Movies list - stressing on the term "Art house", for it might not be enjoyable outing for all. A good watch for serious movie buffs. 7/10

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