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Films included in the Alamo Drafthouse's ongoing, semi-annual Rolling Roadshow Tour and screened in locations used in the film. Organized in chronological order of tour date.

2005: 11 shows
2006: 10 shows
2007: 11 shows (Pink Flamingos screened with three other John Waters films; similarly, Sharky's Machine was part of a Burt Reynolds triple feature)
2008: 5 shows
2010: 9 shows (Rocky screened with the first two sequels; Red Dawn was on a double-bill with Sam Peckinpah's Convoy)
2011: 10 shows
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List borrowed from the book 100 Silent Films by Byrony Dixon (London: BFI/Palgrave MacMillan, 2011).

MISSING FROM IMDB (2): En dirigeable sur les champs de bataille (Lucien Le Sainte, 1918), Topical Budget 93-1 The Derby 1913 (Topical Film Company, 1913).