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Sinister (2012/I)
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Best horror film I've seen!, 16 October 2012

Story: Found footage helps a true-crime novelist realize how and why a family was murdered in his new home, though his discoveries put his entire family in the path of a supernatural entity. (IMDb) Sound: The music adds to the tension of the film. Without the music the film would be less scary.

Acting: The acting was pretty well done, except for Juliet Rylance. She had her moments, but her overall performance felt forced. The star (Ethan Hawke) was spectacular. He was very believable. I enjoyed his performance because it added to the film's atmosphere.

Film itself: The film was great and it was also disturbing. The story was intriguing and the way the story unfolds was fantastic. The atmosphere was intense and scary. The movie provided many scares. Even when I expected to be startled, I was still startled. One complaint I have is the trailers. The deity was shown way too much in the trailers, which took away some of the fear from said deity. My only real big complaint is the ending. While it was very disturbing (and I do mean very disturbing), I found it a bit weak. Nonetheless the film was great fun.

Overall: I highly recommend this film for Halloween. While it didn't give me any trouble sleeping (like Insidious did), it holds well against other horror films.

Dishonored (2012) (VG)
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Good, 14 October 2012

Story: After being framed for the murder of the Empress and the disappearance of Emily, you and and group of loyalist set out after the people who framed you.

Sound: Music fits perfectly. Enemies make sounds when being knocked unconscious or when being killed. Great sound.

Graphics: Adds a unique feel to the game. Some textures are lacking. Water effects look great.

Gameplay: You can kill people with either a sword, a gun, or a crossbow. You also can purchase grenades and upgrades. You can collect runes to get or improve your powers. You can summon rats to eat people, or slow down time. There are several creative ways you can kill people. You can freeze time when someone fires a bullet at you, you can possess that person and move them in front of their own bullet. Only downside about doing this is both possession and freeze time need to be level 2. Some blood splashes on your screen when killing somebody. You can either go balls out and kill everybody, or you can play the game without killing a single soul. There are also some mini missions inside the major mission.

Length: Varies. You can rush through, or take your time and explore every nook and cranny.

Replay value: Moderate. You can either play a whole game killing everybody, or you can play a whole game without killing anybody.

Overall: A very fun game with a good story and moderate replay value. Worth buying.

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Very good., 25 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises rating score on my new scale of horrible to amazing: Horrible Meh Good {Very good} Amazing

The conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is very good. The Dark Knight Rises is more action packed than the Dark Knight. The acting was amazing, the fights between Bane and Batman were also amazing, but the meh ending and the meh pacing keeps this film from being amazing.

The acting was amazing, but I felt Anne Hathaway was lacking. She was alright, but she couldn't match up to all of the amazing acting done by Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy. Speaking of Tom Hardy, he was the highlight of the entire movie. He made Bane such a bad-ass, but even though he was bad-ass he had this intelligence that Hardy incorporated into the character. Tom Hardy deserves an Oscar for this role! Another actor worth mentioning is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He really played his character well, he was believable and brought life to a character that use to be written only on the script to the Dark Knight Rises.

The action in this film was really good. When Bane and Batman fight, it is spectacular even though they don't move much. My only complaint was the final fight scene, it was a bit of a let down for being the last fight scene, but nonetheless it was good.

The pacing was also jumbled everywhere, some scenes the pacing was fast in others it was slow. Christopher Nolan may have mastered directing and writing, but he still needs to master the pacing of a movie over 2 hours long.

Along with the final fight scene, the ending was a bit of a letdown. There was one part of the ending that was cool, but the other part was easily forgotten, to tell you more will cause me to spoil the movie and I don't want to do that.

The one thing that stands out in the movie was the very first scene, that scene was by far the best in the whole trilogy. All-in-all the Dark Knight Rises lacked good pacing and a good final ending, but the acting and action makes up for the things lacking. The Dark Knight Rises is a good end to the trilogy. 9/10

Red Tails (2012)
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Boring!, 22 January 2012

I expected better. The CG was impressive, but the aerial fights were very boring, no intensity to them at all. The acting was mediocre and I don't think the actors were talking like they were suppose to. By this I mean they didn't speak like they were from the '30s. They sounded like the stereotypical African-Americans, which was unfortunate.

The dialogue in this movie was very cheesy, and the way the characters acted during aerial fights was very unrealistic. They didn't seem concern at all that they could die. Sadly, I wished death upon the characters so the movie would end, the worst part is how many times the film tries to be funny with comic relief and the filmmakers could have at least make the aerial fights intense and gripping, but no, they made the fights boring with lots of explosions (Michael Bay status).

This has to be the most disappointing war movie I've ever seen. Don't make the same mistake I did, 2 hours of my life wasted because of this movie, don't... make... the... same... mistake...

Hugo (2011)
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Best movie of the year?, 26 November 2011

I went into this movie for pure entertainment, I wasn't expecting this movie to be as good as it was...

The acting was excellent, especially from Sir Ben Kingsley (which is the reason I saw this movie). The kid actors were surprisingly good too. Sacha Baron Cohen was hilarious as the Inspector. Back to Kingsley, he was the highlight of the movie even though he wasn't the main star. I just can't get how he made his emotions so real and believable. Another minor actor that did well was Jude Law. Even though he had less than twenty minutes of screen time, he made that time count. Chloë was amazing along with the kid star Asa, even though he didn't steal the show, he was the second best actor behind Kingsley. Christopher Lee also has a small part and he made his screen time count just like Jude Law. I applaud the great acting.

The plot of the film was very interesting. The movie was almost like a mystery, some would argue it was a mystery. There was also humor (most of it came from Sacha). There were times during the movie where I was literally was at the end of my seat. Sometimes I was thinking to myself, "you're being loud, they might hear you!" or "look out!" The movie definitely engaged me.

The direction and 3D of the film was magnificent! Martin Scorsese knew what to do with the script and he did it well. The angles of the camera and the shots he did were very extraordinary. The 3D was used the right way. Forget about the useless 3D films, Thor, Captain America, etc. The 3D isn't used to make things pop out, it's used to add more depth to the film. It's also used for art for some certain scenes. People who thoroughly enjoyed the 3D for Avatar, will love the 3D for this film. I don't know why they marketed this movie for kids, some kids may enjoy, but it's mostly for adults, because there are some adult elements that little ones may not understand.

I had an amazing experience with this film, you won't regret it. I really hope this movie breaks budget, that's the least this movie deserves. See this movie, for your own good.

Madden NFL 12 (2011) (VG)
Sad..., 12 November 2011

This game is no where near as fun as the previous Madden games. The only good thing about this game is that players almost look like themselves. The graphics for the games look awkward and will need some work for the next installment. Also too the game play just feels too different and it's very uncomfortable. I also dislike how you call plays now. Don't get me wrong it's laid out more and it's much more detailed than previous installments. It take forever just to pick a play though. I also don't like how you can now not have to press buttons to run. I'm just so use to holding a button to run that it's hard to play without pressing a button. Luckily you can turn that option off. All in all very disappointing, next time baby!

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This comes from the Modern Warfare series?, 12 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me start out by saying there are no major spoilers(like who dies).

This has to be one of the most disappointing CoD title, ever. When I first started the campaign I was excited. The more I played though, the more I got bored. It just seemed to be repeating itself over and over and over and over and over again. It was the same damn thing every level. The atmosphere was dull and very uninteresting. Honestly it was a huge disappointment. Also too, the campaign took me only 4 hours to beat. From 11 AM to 3:20 PM. I don't care how dull the campaign was, even though I absolutely disliked the campaign, I would've kept on playing to see how it plays out, maybe if the campaign was longer, it would have gotten better. I guess we'll never know now. The characters in the campaign weren't very interesting either. No good characters like Ghost. Even though it's only four hours long, it seems to drag on. It's almost like a movie that never ends. The ending is very disappointing. All of you should know by now that there is a death at the very end, like Shepard. Let me just say you barely do anything to kill the person. You just press a couple buttons and it automatically does it for you. You don't shoot a gun or throw a knife at the person. Hopefully Treyarch can save the CoD series.

The graphics looked like they were a step down from MW2. There were no attention to detail. It was horrible! The doors of the vehicles you hop in and the rubble everywhere has barely any detail to it. Most of the setting looked 2D. I hope Infinity Ward can learn a few things from Treyarch about graphics and attention to detail.

Now moving on to Survivor Mode. I must say that it's very enjoyable. Zombies gets boring after awhile. Survivor Mode doesn't seem like it would get boring. It's very fun. You can lay down up to 10 C4 and 10 claymores. You unlock guns and levels the higher you get. I love the air support and I love how there are different challenges each round. For example there might be choppers one round, suicide bombers the next, dogs and then juggernauts. It's a very very worthy competitor against Zombies. I am now absolutely addicted to Survivor Mode. It's the best thing about MW3, so cherish it.

Now moving on to multi-player. It is a huge disappointment. It's like the creators said "lets get the same guns from MW2, give them different names and paint them all black!" The multi-player is horrendous. I can't get hooked to MW3's multi-player like I got hooked to MW2. It's very hard to level up because the maps are all clustered together. There's little to no room to snipe. There are no memorable maps like Firing Range, Nuke Town, Afghan, and Highrise. I am very disappointed with the multi-player. There are so many overpowered guns that EVERYBODY uses, it's just not fun. At least Black Ops is more balanced. So please don't buy this game for the multi-player, because you will be very disappointed.

Not even Survivor Mode can save this game. In the words of Capt. Price "This is for the record". Don't bother folks, don't bother.

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A review of Two and a Half Men (without Charlie), 20 September 2011

Two and a Half Men has always been one of my favorite shows on television. I will admit the show is different without Mr. Sheen, but the humor hasn't change. I will go over several things in my review, including the following... the acting, the humor and of course Ashton Kutcher.

The acting has always been solid in the previous shows. Jon Cryer does amazing as always. I was disappointed Angus (Jake) only had two lines. I can feel that the writers are struggling with writing Jake into the story now that he's older, but he delivered the lines perfectly. Berta is also hilarious with the few lines she delivers. Rose also makes a quick cameo that shouldn't disappoint!

The humor of this show is not for everyone. I know for a fact some people may find the first 5-10 minutes of the premiere of the show to be in bad taste. People who loved past episodes of Men should not be disappointed with the humor in this episode. I will admit I laughed out loud several times. Most of the humor in this episode comes from Allen (Cryer). Ashton does deliver some of the humor, but it's Allen's reactions that are priceless.

Now on to what people are most interested in, Ashton Kutcher. Kutchers' acting was barely good in this episode. His acting did improve into the show, but most of the time he seemed awkward, maybe that's his character, I don't know. I can tell that Kutcher grows more into his role as Walden as the show progresses. By the end of the season he should be grown into the character fully.

While the show was good, Ashton could improve a lot. I predict there will be another season after this. The show will get the same ratings it has gotten in the past. Why? Because all of Ashton Kutcher fans are replacing the Charlie Sheen fans that are leaving. Not much has changed in the show, besides Kutcher replacing Sheen. Give this show a go, you won't regret it.

Apollo 18 (2011)
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Amazing!, 4 September 2011

I loved this movie for two reasons: 1. I love alien type films 2. I love the found footage genre. To love this movie as much as I did, you have to love alien films and the found footage genre. You don't have to love both to enjoy this film, but you have to love both to love this film. Sounds confusing, but it's true.

With a 5mil budget I was impressed how with how the movie turned out. The actors were amazing and believable. I truly felt what they felt. The story was just amazing too, it kept me on the edge of my seat. There are a few jump scenes that come out of nowhere. Suspension builds up very well too. Apollo 18 was just amazing and brilliantly executed. This is the best found footage film, ever!