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Love (2015/II)
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Fantastic cinema, 10 August 2016

I understand that my comments will come off as condescending but the reality is that after reading the negative user reviews, it is obvious that the people who failed to enjoy the film are not sophisticated film enthusiasts and likely just watched because they were looking for great sex scenes. There is so much more substance to "Love" than sex. It is a film about complex human personalities, regret, consequences and most importantly, the complexity of human emotions and impulses. I know from the first few scenes that Elektra was a damaged person. Noe did such a fantastic job of getting the very best out of talent with limited experience. Perhaps that was the magic. A group of people who wanted to tell a story and didn't come to the project with baggage or egos. If you enjoy human stories and you are not uptight about the dark nature of the mind, "Love" is a must see.

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You have already seen it and it was better the first time, 3 July 2016

I am a huge fan of Jason Sudeikis and I was confident that he would choose material that was original so I decided to invest in this film without researching it. What a disappointment. First of all, it is the exact formulaic premise that we have all watched for the past 40 years. You know the type..."I am in my 30's and life is so complex/Sex makes everything so complicated/I just can't grow up/Nobody understands me". Secondarily, in order to be plausible, you have to believe that Jason Sudeikis can pull of being a womanizer. As I said, I am a huge fan but I think it is too big of a stretch for him to pull that off. The actors all did their jobs bringing mediocre material to almost watchable but in the end, it's just another romantic comedy about a guy and girl who love each other but aren't together for whatever implausible reason. I am not sure how these mediocre scripts continue to get funded.

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OK premise, horrible execution, 11 June 2016

I was hopeful that we were done with the trend of screenwriters who had good ideas for films and were unfortunately allowed to execute the process themselves by well-meaning people. A great idea in the hands of an incompetent filmmaker is just a bad film and that is exactly what "The Lobster" is. The premise is unique enough but the film falls apart essentially from the opening frame. I can suspend disbelief for an absurd plot but the writer failed to establish plausibility among the characters and their decisions. It made absolutely no sense why any of them would follow the paths they were following. I have no idea how this film has a 7.2 rating on IMDb because the theater was sold out and not one person seemed to enjoy it at all. Most of the crowd was just laughing at the amateur ending. I recommend staying far away from this film with so many better options available right now.

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Unwatchable, 4 January 2016

Story and acting are OK but not enough to overcome the amateur cinematography, poor sound mixing as well as poorly written dialogue. The whole film seems forced on every level. The writer obviously struggled for meaningful content so the Director used extended scenes with no dialogue to make the film feature-length. Much of the dialogue seemed ad- libbed and should have been cut.

I guess the budget was too low to afford a steadicam but it would have been a great investment because the camera operators were just awful. The DP used some kind of filter that washed out the scenes and created inconsistent texture and resolution. I have seen higher quality productions from high school film clubs. I can't imagine watching this mess on a larger screen. I got dizzy watching it at home.

Come Simi (2015)
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Worst film ever made, 15 November 2015

I foolishly fell for the high IMDb rating without looking to see that there were only 12 raters, all of whom are without a doubt, people related to making this amateur mess. It is completely unoriginal. I don't even want to do it justice by explaining all of the borrowed story lines but I do have to mention that the cinematography is the worst I have ever seen and I judge a lot of really bad student films.

I wish so much that I could get my $4.99 and 40 minutes back that I dedicated to this mess. It's like I paid $5 to watch an episode of an unscripted TV pilot written and directed by a third grade class.

Most of the film is B-roll footage of various neighborhoods in Los Angeles County that served as very bad transitions between the poorly written and directed dialogue.

Basic (2003)
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Unwatchable for anybody with military knowledge, 15 October 2015

I have to admit that I didn't watch the whole film because I just couldn't stop laughing at the horrible portrayal of military protocol and operations. If I intentionally tried to make a film with more errors, I would struggle to do so. Rank, uniforms, formations, etc. were all bungled.

I am not sure if the Producers used a military consultant but if they did, they were either from the Civil War or a foreign military because these guys knew nothing about US Army Ranger training, Military Police investigations, equipment, uniforms, rank, Panama, etc.

I was confused at many points. I couldn't tell if Samuel Jackson was supposed to be a Ranger Instructor at Ft. Benning or a Platoon Sergeant in Panama. In either case, both were incorrect in nearly every aspect. At one point, he was leading a platoon but was wearing Specialist rank then he was with same group in a jungle but he was wearing SFC rank.

I could go on and on about the uniform issues but I will only point out one that provided the most entertainment for me. After conducting hundreds of hours of jungle patrols, I have never seen somebody so stupid that they wore a beret instead of a patrol cap.

Save the Date (2012/I)
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20 Something garbage but with less substance than actual garbage, 6 October 2015

Lizzy Caplan is always amazing but nothing else related to this film was. Everything from dialogue, cinematography, characters, etc. is just recycled material from 50 other films that were released over the past two decades. The angst, tribulations and self doubt that every 28 year old film character experiences but none of the real world does, is at the point of absurdity. I have no idea how these hacks get this bland trash produced and distributed but I presume special favors are exchanged in hotel rooms to make it happen.

From a production perspective, I stopped counting the continuity errors, inconsistent sound and lighting and wardrobe errors. I did watch until the end because Lizzy Caplan can make anything aesthetically appealing but I tuned out of the dialogue about 45 minutes into the film so I honestly don't really know what happened in the last act.

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What did I just watch?, 25 August 2015

Robert Duvall is my favorite actor of all time but not even he could save this miserable script, poor directing and amateur cinematography. Other than Duvall, the other actors are worse than you would see in any high school play. The script is probably the worst I have ever seen produced. There are at least 30 scenes that were imitations from other, real films. Of course, they were very poorly executed. There were plot holes at every turn and others that just didn't make sense. I didn't bother to research but I cannot fathom how this train wreck got produced. I felt sorry for Duvall throughout the whole film. His performance was definitely not Oscar worthy and my mind drifted off, wondering if he has financial problems that would have led him to participate in this amateur endeavor. I have honestly seen much better productions from film schools.

The Mist (2007)
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Watchable if you can ignore the poor production, 9 August 2015

The story was OK but there were so many errors and cliché characters that it was a tough watch for me. First, this is supposed to be a contemporary story, yet the military police vehicle and uniform is from the 1970's. Additionally, MP's are not sent out into the public to track down privates to tell them that their leave has been canceled. I also could not figure out why the privates were wearing Class A dress uniforms to a grocery store. The religious doom sayer character (Marcia Gay Harden) was just laughable. There were also several scenes that were supposed to create a sense of tension but I also found those to be more funny or implausible. The creatures were very poorly animated and came off more like a low budget 70's drive in movie than a $18 million horror. I think the flaw in this film is the script and the director. Both did not do King's book any justice.

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Laughable - Spoilers, 29 July 2015

I have no idea how the Producers got this cast involved with this TV movie level garbage. It reminded me of a really bad Steven Seagal film from the 80's. However, it wasn't that enjoyable. The characters are all cliché stereotypes and in the absence of any real writing talent, the writer uses absurd scenarios to keep the story limping along (i.e. the accidentally dialed phone that recorded the entire crime in perfect clarity). Then, of course, there is the typical love story forced into a story where it didn't belong. I could go on and on but I have to mention the pathetic story flaws. For example, a guy convicted of vehicular manslaughter and felony DUI would not have a valid driver's license upon release from prison several years later. Last but not least, I have to comment on the laugh I got out of the alleged soldier with PTSD. At least Hollywood version of PTSD, and his brand new tattoos all over his upper body that no soldier would ever have.

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