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here are films that i loved in no order (except for my top 5) and should not be missed out on.(i will add more films i watch to the list) basicly films that amazed me or highley entertained me
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the end of the year is here and here are my top 30 favorite movies that came out this year in order. (i still havnt seen all the movies this year like the girl with the dragon tatoo,tinker tailor soldger spy,the artist)
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im a fan of no country for old men its an amazing movie and i really enjoyed the latest remake fright night. but i noticed that both movie posters are very similar. althou there differnt it looks like they have the same concept. please in the comments tell me what you think of the posters and there similarties and diffirences.
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tarantino is one of the greatest directors of all time. and he makes some very memrobale characters. here are my favorite characters from tarantinos films (note that i have yet to see jackie brown)
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here are some actors i feel are really good or have potential but havnt really shined in a while and would really like to see them in a role that brings them back.