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Season One: What the...? Season Two: I'm Out., 1 July 2016

Season one, OK at best. Season two, two episodes in and I'm done. Season one deviated from the books in ways that were not necessary and only took away from Blake Crouch's original vision. I know nothing of the process or motivation employed to move the books to television but without a doubt it's not what I was looking or hoping for. If you enjoyed the books, as I did, then I recommend caution if you're looking to enjoy parallel story lines. There are few at best. Since Blake Crouch is currently listed in the series writing credits (for 20 episodes as of this post) I can only assume that this is his intended direction for the TV adaptation of this book series. Simply put: It's not at all what I was hoping to watch. (Only as a side note, I highly recommend reading the three books from which that the television show is loosely based.)

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Most Seem to Dislike, I Like, 5 March 2013

I've watched the first 3. I, unlike others, like the characters and it's nice to see Anthony Edwards in role again--since his days with Northern Exposure (I never watched ER). The young cast, most notably, Scott Michael Foster and Addison Timlin I find to be refreshing, both of which had a stint on Californication among other projects not leaving out that Scott worked on The River. Michael Nyqvist has in Canada he's been on Millennium but back home he's well known. His character is well acted and I feel that he brings the best out of Jacinda Barrett, she's no slouch herself.

Carmen Ejogo; she's been around and can act. Here's where I have to complain; the writing she has to deliver is poor and her role could be a bit more stereotypical--but not much.

Is the show going to win awards? Not yet for sure. But reading the other reviews made me want to say this: "Let's wait and see where this is going...". I truly believe that there is a lot more in store.

Reading my own review I got thinking that I look like I work for a studio or some such--I don't. I simply don't find the show all that bad and it's staying on my record list for now.