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So i'm a picky movieholic and these are my favs!
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Films & shows set way back when that I have seen. If any one can suggest any I would love them forever.
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Suggestions are smiled upon.

These are romantic movies I have watched, I will note my thoughts on each one. I pretty much won't watch a movie unless is contains some hint of romance. Yes, i am one of THOSE girls so sue me.

Let the list commence.
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Not in order. Keep in mine I am a 16 year old girl so my taste in TV is going to be different to yours if your a crusty old man or something. Not to insult your taste if you are a crusty old man, its cool. Maybe one day I will join the ranks of crusty old men. Anyhows, I shall commence.
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Well I like depressing movies about drugs, murder, mental illness. You know all that fun stuff.
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Movies that are cheesy and awesome for it.
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Just a list of Actresses that I find to be beautiful.