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a FilmTVDiversity curated list of notable Theatrical and Festival films to have on your radar for viewing.
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A curated list of the credited cast to watch for in Marvel's Netflix, Luke Cage series premiering Sept 30th, 2016
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A FilmTVDiversity curated listed of actors/actresses to watch for in new and returning shows and the premiere dates.
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A curated gallery of some of the credited cast in HBO Mini-series 'The Night of' premiering July 10, 2016 on HBO. For full cast gallery and number of credited episodes see The Night Of
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a FilmTVDiversity curated list of notable summer TV series to watch for because of Great or noteworthy casting, Diversity in front of the Screen or impressive Award wins/nominations or accolades.

NOTE: Some shows though widely praised by critics and maybe even liked on a personal individual level didn't make the cut because their prior seasons or trailers as reviewed, failed to deliver any convincing narrative that they excelled in fulfilling our underlining desire to see greater on-screen Diversity from the typical fair on Television.

One thing that most of our picks have in common is they feature a multi-cultural cast and those with prior seasons we have viewed did not feed into the familiar "sidekick" person of color with little screen time or character development

Leave your comments/convincing arguments on personal favorites for ones you think we should reconsider adding or may have missed and we may just include it, if it meets what we're looking for. KEEP IT POSITIVE.
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A list of Women of Color in Leading, Supporting and Guest roles in upcoming Fall 2014 Network and Cable TV Series, from returning Series to NEW Series and Mini-Series.

No Ranking intended simply Listed in order by Network and their USA Series Premiere date.

Note 1: International Premiere dates may vary

Note 2: Cast and Guests from Several Series slated with January 2015 Premiere Dates or not yet announced Premiere dates are not included below those will be covered in a future update or list
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a list of the Cast and Guest of Color from Season 1 of NBC's the Blacklist as identified by IMDB records
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Our personally compiled list of stars of Diversity with roles in this Fall's 2011-12, Television season. Listed in order by Premiere date and Show name.

NOTE: Subject to network changes, to be updated as more info becomes available.

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A tribute list of TV Stars of Diversity from summer of 2011 TV Series. Thanks for bringing a touch of diversity to the Summer lineup. (Sorted by Show and Star First Name) Follow us on twitter: @FILMTVDIVERSITY