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Well worth the price of admission!, 16 July 2016

I was a huge fan of the originals and had very low expectations toward another reboot, especially after hearing so much seemingly informed "fan" speculation about it during its "hype period" before it hit theaters. I couldn't imagine a scenario where the original actors could do a believable "pass the torch" type of story and with the passing of my favorite Ghostbuster, Harold Ramis, my hopes were lower still with the news of an all-female cast, pardon my sexism but that was a major point the dissenters were making. Another huge concern of mine was the effects; back in the 80's computer effects were SPECIAL, and they played a big part in the success, knowing the pop and no substance aspect of special effects of the past 20+ years, this worried me a lot about the new Ghostbusters movie. To me the ethereal effects would probably come off as campy.! That said, the movie isn't a continuation of the original's continuity, but a total re-imagining of the franchise. The women had good screen presence like the originals; the effects were actually on par with the originals but had an updated feel; the story flowed well from scene-to-scene; and there were many delightful surprises like the originals. This was truly a great film and introduction of the franchise to a new generation of fans. I hope all can go see this with joyful expectations!

Deadpool (2016)
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Ryan Reunolds' best yet!, 15 May 2016

Ryan Reynolds is certainly a rising star in Hollywood! Deadpool is certainly proof! Reynolds has been one of my favorite comedians since Blade Trinity; his delivery of lines was superb and his on-screen presence was uncanny, hearkening back to my previous action-comedian, Eddie Murphy, so Reynolds was a welcome addition to the current actors in Hollywood. Deadool is a delightful progression to Reynolds' career and a wonderful departure from his lackluster string of weak movies and lame comedies. Action-comedy is a great fit for this actor. Deadpool's high-octane action is a terrific showcase for the delivery of the character's brilliant one-liners and other comedic elements. The nudity fit the tone of the movie and didn't feel gratuitous This has been addressed, but unfortunately this isn't a kid friendly movie, lots of violence, gore, profanity, and nudity, should appeal to most mature audiences who aren't prudish and or delusional. This movie's not for the casual comic fan, but someone who doesn't mind the grittier side of superheroes!

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The Force is strong with this one!, 2 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So I finally saw one of the best movies of recent memory in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This movie refreshed the franchise by equating itself with the original trilogy. Unlike the prequels, Episodes 1-3,Episode 7 matched form and atmosphere with the movies that made the franchise a household name. For those who have not seen this movie, please go into this movie expecting CGIed brightness and sterility, and be pleasantly surprised at the grittiness and more real feel! My only real problem with this was the "threat" felt too familiar and like it was done the same way; had they done that one aspect differently the movie, in my opinion, would have deserved 10 of 10 stars, everything else was new enough to feel fresh and C-3P0 still had a red arm like he got in the prequels, which felt out-of-place!! My only possible spoilers will be that there was little use of R2-D2

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Underrated!, 22 November 2015

Many say this doesn't stay true to the cartoons... DUH! It's not supposed to stay with the cartoons. The cartoons are light-hearted, family friendly fare made-for-TV treats, but the original Eastman and Laird works are darker and wouldn't appeal to a typical TV watching family, at least in the United States, the original Turtles were more adult oriented and that was the appeal.

Many say the acting sucked... again, what did they expect, the acting was appropriate for a more mature audience while also appealing to a younger audience. And, not being a fan of Megan Fox' acting, she was born to play April O'Neil! Sexy, kind of vapid and pointless, but still kind of a bad-ass character... April only existed because without her the story is just an adrenaline fueled, masculine ego pumping, "sausage" fest. Fox is a great actress to play eye-candy! This movie could've had a lot more of a story, better acting, and less plot holes, but it fits in beautifully with the current Hollywood landscape.; to say it's the worst Turtles movie ever is seriously not giving the movie credit!

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Worth the price of a ticket, not sure why there are a lot of negative reviews., 22 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie with my friend who is a girl, and at first the movie started out like an unbearably predictable love story full of pop but no substance, but after the appearance of the first "miracle" (possible spoiler, unintended) this movie picked up pace and became more mystical! Some have claimed "this movie make sense." I can see that, but will add love doesn't make sense either, it makes other things make sense; on a deeper note, religion itself doesn't always make logical sense, which is why the concept of faith exists, it also makes sense of other things! Some say "It's weird for the devil to be portrayed as a jaded yet-well- kept hobo," I thought that was odd too, but then I remembered Jesus conquered hell and had the keys to death's gate, so it makes sense the former king of the earth is out of a job and has lived in darkness and isolation for millennia, surrounded by constant salvation, I can see why the devil'd be jaded. In closing, if you watch this with maturity and reverence for depth and abstract concepts then this movie will hit a heart string and be a good choice. If you go into it expecting the typical love fluff, then you'll be sorely disappointed! I don't usually say this, but GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Appealing to most, not for everyone though!, 6 September 2011

A tour de force for indie film future-star director Brian Wimer and the rest of the cast from the little big town of Charlottesville Virginia and the surrounding area! An eclectic blend of silliness and comedy in this 2010 popcorn horror flick, the acting is spot-on for the tone of the film, the pace is well aligned and the writing couldn't have gotten any better for the material given. Not for everybody, but well worth it for the originality and the enthusiastic direction! Pros - Originality, hilarity, great pacing, and a terrific stress reliever, very entertaining Cons - rushed in parts and trite at times Overall, a great little film that's worthy of its praise and fully open to criticism. If you want to be entertained and enjoy respites of stress go see this, if you're in a mood for deep, inspirational, reality, this probably won't be your cup of tea!

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Great for a teen movie!, 15 July 2010

The summary says it all! This movie doesn't deserve a lot of praise, but for a frivolous teen movie, it's a gem! It captures the whimsical insouciance of the immature high school life! (at least what I remember of it) With its hopeless outcasts, hormonally charged degenerates , and awkward egotists, the movie is a lighthearted romp through a small town that's full of predictable fun and incredulous events as is the staple of teen comedies. Do NOT watch this thinking it will be anything but a silly, borderline-pitiful, genuine teen flick that will appeal to the biggest, open-minded teen genre fans! Entertaining and clean enough for family movie night.

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Great show!, 5 March 2010

Imagine a non prudish version of AGV, this show is funny and irreverent, it is reality hilarity, so catch this when it comes out again, you won't be disappointed! That said, my only fault with the show is the guy they go to narrate it, although talented, I don't think he fits in well with this type of show! His talking lasts too long and detracts from the video at some points, plus his voice isn't smooth enough to actually sound sarcastic, at least to me, plus we never get to see him, so we shouldn't have to hear him so much!. No offense if you read this! No major cursing, nor is there much different from any other reality show as far as explicitness goes, nice family comedy if your kids are up that late! Good job truTV

Fool's Gold (2008/I)
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A fluff masterpiece!, 16 January 2010

Matthew Mconaughey does a mature hippie like no one! Kate Hudson is the base to his acid making a balanced solution of comedy and fun. I rarely come across a movie like this that makes me laugh out loud and feel truly entertained. Well-timed "random" explosions help keep male viewers involved --we love blowing stuff up-- yet not forgetting the ladies out there with a permeating-but not-overpowering love story. Fol's Gold is wholesome, family fun that would win an award for best fluff movie! It never takes itself seriously nor gives the viewers reason to do so either, which only adds to enjoyment, so grab some popcorn and prepare to be entertained for a while.

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not as inclusive as the first ***parents warning!!!!!, 12 July 2009

This movie gets a 6 from me for gratuity, poor story, and robot lips! In the first one, the general action had somewhat of a purpose throughout, and was more of a family-oriented movie reminiscent of the cartoon a toy franchise, but this offering delivered a weaker story where the action was more nonsensical and purposeless at times; the Megan Fox was just as hot as in the first, but was more "sexed up" in this one. In the first, the character was created to make a testosterone-prevalent "guy flick" more inclusive and watchable by girlfriends dragged to the movie. However I'm not sure why she was in this one. The parents, who were supposed to be the "very irritating" comic relief in the first, were an unnecessary, unwelcome addition to the movie.

Mudflap and Skidmark or whatever his name is, the two bots who transform into a neurotic ice cream truck were flamboyant and racially stereotypical -- much like that Jar-Jar joke --, but weren't a big part of the story, so weren't as intolerable as most.

The Sound was impressive as was the CGI and FX, but the addition of curse words was silly and extreme at times! It excludes a lot of its fanbase, kids who were enchanted by the first movie ie. my "nephew" probably won't go see this. If seen, see in theaters as to get the sound effects and the bombast of the movie! It is worth seeing once!

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