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These are current films which have either been recently released, or are about to. Films which I believe have the potential to become award contenders and classics and that most of us have yet to see.
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A list of classic documentaries or must-see stories that can only be told in an honest light.
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These are few of the top films from 1878 to now, since the invention of the video camera occurred. No one knows for sure who invented it. Many say Edison, which is a MYTH, as several others had the same patent around this time, including The Lumiere Brothers, Louis Le Prince, and Eadward Muybridge.

Film technology has greatly changed since, however no one should forget the classics.

To today's young actors and directors; those who forget their predecessors will never be the master of their own craft.

1. Horse in Motion (1878), Eadward Muybridge, England

2. Roundhay Garden Scene (1895), Louis Le Prince

3. A Trip to the Moon (1902), Georges Melies
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The people here are anyone in film, from actors to directors, who have inspired myself to make my own films.

Do not expect superficial filmmakers whose only concern are the visual side of films. These are the true masters, in my opinion. This list is in no particular order and is likely to expand.