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A list of live action films based on superhero/comic book characters from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse etc ranked from best to worst!! This lists contains the films I have seen only..
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Does not include TV films..
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A list of some of the best Korean language films I have seen...
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a list of films i enjoyed irrespective of their reviews & Box office performance...
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a list of films i enjoyed irrespective of their box office returns & reviews...
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i have checked out this shows, dont know why people like it
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listed according how good i find them irrespective of their BO performance & critical reviews..& some dont actually have a comic..but are definite part of the genre!!
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a list of flicks i loved, irrespective of their box office performance & critical reviews..they include all genres ( action, comedy, horror, drama, animated etc)
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listed according to their release..
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a list of bollywood films i loved this year..

**listed in order of their release
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a list of sitcoms & dramas which have ended or cancelled...
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