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Golan-Globus produced excess: vigilantes, beefcake soldiers, American ninjas, pulpy adventures, trashy musicals and the odd art film (work-in-progress).
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The weirdest after school specials and TV movies that inspired the best show of all time... 'Strangers With Candy'.
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Hollywood films transported to the middle east and beyond.
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Emmanuelle-related adventures and rip-offs, in ideal viewing order.
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Druggy, sexual fever dreams, European excess, blood, breasts, hippie witches, vampiric libertines, bizarre mysteries.
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Italian, Spanish and French stars of exploitation, horror and erotica.
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The Spanish exploitation master. Sadism, nightmares, sex, violence, mad surgeons, otherworldly women, lesbian vampires, sadistic prison wardens, hokey cannibals & zombies. (work-in-progress).
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Films from the 'Bad Movies We Love' book, ranked from most entertaining and watchable to least.
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B-movie films released by Something Weird Video.
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Films mentioned in Robin Bougie's Cinema Sewer magazine.
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60s-80s Italian films only, murder mysteries, secret perverts, stalkers with black gloves, psychedelic camerawork, dreamy music (work-in-progress).
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70s-80s American films only, boogeymen, summer camp stalkers, inbred rednecks, masked psychos (work-in-progess).
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The stories of the FAMOUS and NOTORIOUS acted out by D-grade celebs in bad wigs and make-up in dingy sets and props from a 2 dollar store. Prepare to cringe!
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One of the most important and bizarre movies stars of all time. Her delirious 50s melodramas are particular loves of mine. This is Joan Crawford's films ranked (from favourite to least favourite).
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All the films from the three big 80s horror franchises, ranked from best to worst. (Work in progress).
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Urban fear, vigilantes, street gangs, high school punks, hustlers and prostitutes, armies of the night. The concrete jungle as a vision of hell.
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90s Lifetime TV = trash heaven.
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The most bizarre and/or groundbreaking shows of all time.
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As seen on YouTube.
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Dreamy, sudsy Hollywood. Douglas Sirk, Delmer Daves, Lana Turner, Joan Crawford, Susan Hayward and their later influences.
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Films mentioned in Pete Tombs' book 'Mondo Macabro'.
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Films mentioned in the Pete Tombs book IMMORAL TALES.
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90s Lifetime TV = trash heaven.
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A guide to seasonal slashers to watch on your favourite holidays.
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The influences of the great early queer auteurs.... Kenneth Anger, Fassbinder, George Kuchar, Jack Smith, Steven Arnold, José Rodriguez-Soltero, James Bidgood.
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Trash videos (mostly from the VHS era) featured in the '2 minute movie' recaps on 'Everything is Terrible'.
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The boldest, weirdest, sexiest stars of all time.
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The more twisted, perverted and obsessive the better.