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Hairspray (2007)
I loved Penny Pingleton, 21 January 2008

When I saw the advertisement about Hairspray, I thought that it was a comic film for young people. I saw that it was a musical movie and even the first Hairspray was filmed in 1988. I like musical movies but in reality musical movies are not being liked as American people like them. For example in my country and in Europe musical movies are highly appreciated movies. Maybe American people are trying to behave differently than others like baseball and American football.

With music's, with dances, with actors/actresses Hairspray is really satisfactory movie. Unbelievable change of John Travolta into Edna Turnblad surprised me. Travolta is really talented actor in musical, he indicated it Grease as well. I loved Penny Pingleton as Amanda Bynes very much, she is pretty indeed. Michelle Pfeiffer acted very good, nearly I hated her because of her character in film. In her ages how can a woman can be beautiful still? I can not imagine not to give an attention to her like poor Wilbur Turnblad. What a wonderful woman Queen Latifah, she is absolutely woman. Nikki Blonsky suits perfect for her role. Other actors/actress are also sucsesfull.

The location is Baltimore and there is a dance competition in local TV. Young generation had been trying to solve social problem as race differences with new paradigm. Standart declaration of American Culture like dance, music, American dream, pioneering etc.

The musics are like rap music with the words. All the songs are like story telling. I wonder all the musics have been written for the movie special? If they are so, if we take into consideration even just music, written a song and perform it as a musical might be tough job. For this difficulty, I must give extra appreciation to the director.

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He played well bad characters, 25 December 2007

Kabadayi was made very close to Eskiya. After the success of Eskiya, I think Yavuz Turgul tried to catch an opportunity with the same concept. If he use different story, I bet he would signed a signature on better movie.

Sener Sen was artistic indeed, he can play every kind of character with an accomplishment. I got astonished with the performance of Kenan Imirzalioglu. I did not think that he would play successfully bad tempered characters, bu he proved that he could. As always Rasim Oztekin did great performance. Performances of Ismail Hacioglu, Asli Tandogan and Süleyman Turan were not on the attic, I can say that they were distributed in the middle level.

Typical from 1970's Turkish movies cliché's were used in Kabadayi. There were humor also in the body of the movie. When the action goes on, we can hear funny jokes from characters. That makes smoother the story.

On the whole Kabadayi is a good movie but do not build your expectations on the peek.

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astonishing movie from an inexperienced director, 14 December 2007

Beyaz Melek really astonished me with strong story, skillful actors and actresses and most of all inexperienced director Mahsun Kirmizigül. If we take into consideration that both the story and directing made by him, then I should congratulate him beyond extra.

The film is based on the sad happenings in the retirement home. We see the old people were beaten, were said bad words, were forgotten by their families. A social problem was reflected well with Beyaz Melek.

In story we can also see the destruction of the big earthquake, fantastic view of salt lake, living traditions of eastern sides of Turkey, patriotic angles related with military, friendship, solidarity, difficulties of city life like economic problem.

Yildiz Kenter as the leader, Cezmi Baskin, Erol Günaydin, Toron Karacaoglu, Gazanfer Özcan, Nejat Uygur, shortly there were too many values played in the movie. I like the parts in east of Turkey views and traditions which I am not familiar much.

I hope this movie will be helpful for correcting social problem in all retirement houses. Watching a successful movie and see its correcting affects will be multiple factor which is required from art and culture.

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Despite warnings why censorship?, 28 August 2007

I was expecting the same success as Part I from Hostel Part II before going to the movie. Of course success means different from one to other. From my point of view if the story is strong and movie is beyond my imagination I called it successful movie. Hostel part I was such kind of talented story. But I got a little bit disappointed when I watched Part II. This is not the fault of Eli Roth. Even there are too many warnings such as crime, age 18, etc. Most of the parts have been taken out by the authorities in order to protect our brain health. We pay Money, we go to movie willingly, but somebody protect you for severe violence. After warnings censorship sounds ironic.

I understand that why the movie criticized by Slovakian people. After watching movies it is very hard to keep the desire to visit Bratislava, Slovakia for touristic tour. If you still would like to visit you had better take one way ticket. Just joking of course. Historical dark castles, the environment, outlandish culture like Transylvania should make Slovakia as a good horror movie background.

Rather the story in first movie depend on boys, in the part II there are girls who walk around as a backpack tourist and find out bloody adventures. These series are neither like horror nor crime movies. As it is said not classified indeed. If we take into consideration realistic story, sharp views, full savageness Hostel series more than a movie.

I wish I could watch all of the scenes, and then I could criticize the Hostel Part II much healthier. Alas, in my position I can say that not as staggering as Part I.

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Achieved from the point of Tarantino, 21 June 2007

Tarantino separated the story into two parts. Second part of the movie, in reality, is the beginning of the story. This part began with the black and white scenes which indicate the past. There are girls related with Hollywood and one of them is a stuntwoman. Kurt Russell just try to have fun, did not show lunatic behaviours. Probably after girl's revenge he became crazy about lonely girls. Then, we suddenly find ourselves in first part. He called himself as stuntman, he furnished his car plexiglas cabinet etc.

As expected from Tarantino I find the movie successful. Tarantino tried to show us characters at the movies at 70's. If we see the movie in those days, probably we would not find it strange expect handy phones etc.

The girls are really very artistic. Especially Vanessa Ferlito ,as Butterfly, affects us visually. Her hula dance was so sexy and fitted into the scene. I jut get upset with Tarantino that he sent the girls too quick.

I really wonder about Lee, whose friends left her with the repairman. I am sure that the repairman would ask additional things instead of the new car. The girls broke the car badly. The cars were excellent and classic. They are inevitable in such kind of speedy car movies.

The story is simple. This is normal if we think the 70's movies. The action scenes are typical and delighted with Tarantino, player are cool and suit the body of the movie well. The aim was achieved from the point of Tarantino. I also enjoyed the movie.

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You Feel Lucky If You Missed, 16 May 2007

Honestly, I could not classify Spider Man-3. Was it made for children, was it a comedy movie or was it action movie? There is one reality that Spider Man-3 was made just for money. To earn money does not mean that it is a successful movie. Story was rather poor and full of blanks, players especially Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst acted in middle range, action scenes were not sufficient. Tobey Maguire was not colorful and charismatic; Kirsten Dunst seemed very poor and not interesting.

Most of the scenes were captured from other movies such as Mask, Alien, weak Matrix and September 11th cases in the accident at the top of skyscraper. New Goblin, Sandman and Venom were seems to be created forcefully. Previous series did not support the last one. Enemy-Friend duality for New Goblin, good-bad habit Hulk style sandman, alien style Venom created not in skillful manner. To enrich the story spider's enemies increased in number on the other hand typical enemy concept was missed.

In some part of dialogs, director tried to effect our emotions by using love, drama but clearly these dialogs were pathetic and funny. Church and Flag concept are depicted again and again. Spider find the right way in the church in front of USA flag, absolutely there was a speech at the end which was full of wisdom and full of suggestions. This sequence becomes bored and routine. We would like to expect more interesting endings. And please do not tell us how to behave to be a good citizen. To tell you the truth we know better than you.

I am sure you will feel lucky if you missed the Spider Man-3. If you ask me for Go/NoGo I say NoGo.

Bliss (2007)
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not political as the novel, 9 April 2007

Because I have read the novel, comparing novel and the movie is inevitable. In Livaneli's book there are political messages with the stories. Political side become more concrete than happenings. In the novel without giving an importance to characters all three characters – Meryem, Irfan, Cemal- were depicted in detail. Contrary to the novel, in movie there is Meryem in the center of the story. Irfan and Cemal were stayed at the side. Political views were not mentioned in the movie as in the novel.

If we take into consideration the total Mutluluk can be valued as a successful movie. Photographic scenes, music's, players, story are suit each other in great harmony. Ozgu Namal is so naive and so talented, Murat Han acted well, Talat Bulut could be more supportive, Lale Mansur is seen very few. Other players played in middle range.

Abdullah Oguz did well by Mutluluk. I got some questions in my mind. The story is told about the traditions. In Turkey there are traditions and these traditions can hurt the people and change their lives entirely. If you make a film of such a situation which is against the Turkey, it is easy to find a capital/support for movie. I wonder why.

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Superb effects, Poor Story, 19 February 2007

On the whole the story was poor, Nicholas Cage was ordinary, Eva Mendes was superb, visual effects were fascinating. Especially the people who are addicted to the motorbikes must absolutely see Ghost Rider. The bike was designed like you are dreaming. The trade mark was not seen, but I think it was Harley. When you watch the movie you can find yourself disappointed for not driving such a machine.

According to my understanding the story was captured from comic book Marvel. All the heroes are bad guys, they sell their souls to Satan, they try to sign an immoral contract with him. They are egoist and they live on the edge to the hell. What a nice attitude that they are trying to get back their own soul. If they can take back the other bad souls to the hell, they will be successful to win prize. It is their own souls. Bad guys are fighting with each other.

We will be able to see the second part of Ghost Rider in the near future. In the normal conditions, he must take his soul and stay with Eva Mendes. But he chooses the power and refused Eva Mendes. What a poor guy. You should get married with her, have children's and earn your family's life. Do you think that you are the one who will save the world? Do not make me laugh. Take into consideration what I told you and deserve Eva Mendes, okay.

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Plain and Perfect, 28 January 2007

I was not expected an extraordinary movie such as Beynelmilel. Recently, there has undeniably been an increase in Turkish movies. However it is clear that quantity can not bring quality into the scenes. I am grateful for seeing a master from Gulmez and Onder. The budget was small, contrary, story and drama was at the highest. We learn the life of Gevendes' - local musicians- in Adiyaman region. People were looking for a little bit freedom for their way of life. For the moment, it seems strange even listening music was prohibited by law makers. We should appreciate the freedom we have now. It is definitely that the freedom needs enlargement in Turkey. Comparing in the days we live I feel better.

The movie was made so plain and perfect. Directors did not exaggerate the scenes to increase humour. Humour factor was talently implemented into the body of the movie. As Gulendam, Ozgu Namal played very well. She was really beautiful and capable of playing difficult characters. As Abuzer, Cezmi Baskin was fantastic. His play is not comparable to the other Turkish players. He is far behind them. As Semra, Meral Okay capable of adding value to the movie. We can see her power easily. Most of the other players are not famous but they were playing their roles like they are an expert.

In my opinion Beynelmilel should have gone for Oscar instead of Dondurmam Gaymak. Definitely the directors make Beynelmilel in basic film rules and they seem to win success with the help of story, players, scenes, culture.

Climates (2006)
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Nuri Bilge Made Ego Satisfaction, 6 November 2006

We have recently heard about too much about Iklimler. There were mix of comments about the movie and Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Half of them were negative, half of them were positive. There must be confusion in evaluating his movies. Then I went to the movie to see by myself.

At first sight Iklimler has absent story. The movie began from uncertain situation and goes on through uncertain path. Writer and director should have been separated with each other in order to give double power to the movie. Nuri Bilge Ceylan can be successful director, but he is not a writer as good as his directing talent.

Nuri Bilge Ceylan wanted to show us how to make a movie with simple story –even no story. The players are ordinary, music's are ordinary, but the movie itself is really artistic. He was focusing to the eyes effectively and eyes showed us emotions powerfully.

Natural voices were used in the movie and this technique should have been very difficult if we take into consideration open field's scenery. The conditions are not totally controllable in this kind of areas. This voice preference shows us Nuri Bilge's self confidence.

We can not criticize players well because they were seen in backgrounds. The movie itself depended on artistic scenes too much, not on players. Even though Nazan Kirilmis and Ebru Ceylan were good enough. Nuri Bilge himself is not talented as his directing skill. Nuri Bilge was known with misery. But after his playing it seems he will lose this misery. Other players were too naive and not suitable for the movie.

Panoramas were excellent. From the beginning Antalya-Kas, goes on with Istanbul-Beyoglu and finally Agri- Ishak Pahsa Palace. The winter season reflected with a hundred percent reality and beauty.

When we look at the overall Nuri Bilge made ego satisfaction in all writing, directing and playing dimensions. In directing dimension it is true that he is probably the best director in Turkey. Other dimensions were not sufficient to make the movie perfect. However, Nuri Bilge Ceylan did well with Iklimler for Turkish Cinema.

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