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a list of 211 titles
I have rated these movies 8 thru 10.
Movies that have made me laugh and cry, kept me breathless or on the edge of my seat throughout. Caught my interest due to great plots or historical background.
Movies old and new.
ABSOLUTELY NO HORROR movies. i find them utterly sick.
I hope you enjoy this list and feel free to post your comments.
Also note these are my personal opinions.
Will keep updating as I still have lots of good movies I have not yet seen.
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So far..
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So far...
a list of 20 titles
Still incomplete
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Definitely watch
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Still waiting for.. Will definitely watch.
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Really, these movies are soooooooooo bad.
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Waiting for...
a list of 78 titles
That I have rated 10/10
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From 2011
a list of 43 characters
Most amazing, extraordinary and stunning characters in movies
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For performance and content.
Best movies I have seen in years.
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This year's most interesting movies
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In my opinion. And my rating of them
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Well worth your time
a list of 50 titles
For various reasons..
Seen them more than once..
If you have not seen them, then I think you should. Well worth your time.
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Great movies of this year that I rated 8 thru 10/10
a list of 40 people
My personal favorites. People with great screen presence, charm, wit.
The top ten in absolute order.
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Movies I found interesting and rated 8 thru 10/10
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Bad movies, senseless, stupid beyond words. What a waste of time and sometimes talent. But what really amazes me is the critics who have highly rated these movies. Perhaps they should look for another job!!!
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No matter how many times I have watched these movies, they still grab me. Compelling stories, great performances.
Old and new movies. Serious or hilarious.
Drama or comedy.
By release year.
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And their best movies
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My favorites of this year
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a list of 20 titles
The best according to me
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The best of 2007 (in my opinion)
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The most interesting in my opinion.
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As rated by TIFF.
My personal favorites would be
The Ides Of March
The Descendants
Machine Gun Preacher
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a list of 15 titles
Time well spent!
Movies from this year and from years past.
a list of 6 titles
If you haven't seen them, go ahead and look out for them!!
This is what quality movies are all about...
The best if 2011.
Still waiting for The Descendants which will be just as good and will be added as soon as I see it.
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In my opinion... Old and new movies.
a list of 4 characters
Well worh seeing these movies.
Great performances!!
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People who have played all sorts of characters. Never static, always something new!!! Never boring!!
I have listed their best movies (in my opinion) which I have rated 8 through 10.
a list of 10 titles
Movies that should not be missed. Food for thought....
And so many more...
a list of 10 titles
So far, the best movies of this year in my opinion
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Still to watch for 2011....
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Movies that should never be watched. Nothing but stupid plots, inane characters, no meaning.
I could go on but it would bore me to death.
See some examples below.
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a list of 5 titles
Laughed so much I was in tears!
a list of 5 titles
a list of 15 people
In absolute order.
They looked great when younger and still looking great today (except a couple of them who are still young-no offense to anybody else).
My personal favorites.
a list of 6 people
Very few people out there who possess both.
It comes across in each and everyone of their movies and that is rare indeed!! And these people are the ones. If ever I met these people I could be friends with them.
Meaning no offense to anyone else. No good actor could possibly be brainless though not necessarily charming. However, there are many who are obnoxious and gross but they are hardly worth mentioning by name. After all these are always personal opinions and trashing people should not be a sport!!
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Will watch movie just becaue they are in it.