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Please help me find the BEST underwater underearth sci fi movies, if they have some horror, they will be so much appreciated...
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I think is very hard to find some REALLY GOOD space-horror movies, that really happened in actual Spaceships, Spacestations, Openspace or so but please exclude : series like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and all the others, old classic movies unless they are as good as "Galaxy Of Terror", Alien saga ( in despite this is the more representative of what i'm looking for, i already watched 100 times ), black & white, comedies, romance, etc
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Is there any movie similar to "Pink Floyd The Wall"? For me this is the ultimate masterpiece of cinema arts, but i wonder if anyone can tell me another movie that can be similar, as good as, as crazy as.
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The VERY BEST real SCI FI movies of ALL