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Maybe I'm too shallow..., 27 July 2014

But I got so bored in t his movie and lost utter interest not even half way through.

I remembered when this movie came out and I was a bit tempted to see it in the theater, so glad I didn't as there really is nothing big picture worthy of it other than a few landscaping scenes that are easily forgettable. However the previews intrigued me and I've always been a Ben Stiller fan.

So anyway I finally watched this and I loved the first 15+ minutes of it which is totally what I had expected, but something unexpected happened when he finally took that big leap into "action." And that is it got totally boring. Like painfully boring...

I'll admit I'm more of an action guy at heart, but I enjoy a good comedy / drama and though this would fit the bill and given it's solid rating I was totally let down by just how boring it was the last 2/3 of the movie. I mean here this daydreamer finally takes the plunge, but it so unbelievable when it finally happens I can't tell whether he's still in dreamland or not, but honestly it doesn't matter as by half way in I've already so lost interest in his quest, the picture, his interest in the girl, his job. It seemed to just be taking a depressing turn and by 2/3 the way in I just totally tuned out, got up, made a snack and tuned in here and there. I saw the ending, was just as unimpressed and afterwards thought to myself "Wow... That was such a waist of time!"

I guess I'm in the minority here as the picture got decent reviews, I guess it just missed my boat. If there was a higher message (and I got they were shooting for something there) I was just so not on board and unimpressed that on my scale it just fell flat as a pancake. Giving it a 1/10 as I've sat through some bad movies but couldn't sit all the way through this...

The Purge (2013/I)
Kind of a sick / demented movie, 22 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lot of people mention it's an "original idea" and such, but I didn't find it very original at all. It's pretty much a spin off of Battle Royale & Hunger games.

I did like the suspense aspect and the flow of the movie was good. action sequences were decent and Ethan Hawk (who I've always liked) did a decent job here, but that's about the end of my likes.

What I didn't like was the very concept of the plot and just thought for a movie that is trying to take itself serious the plot itself just didn't add up or wasn't realistic IMHO. I just couldn't buy the fact that there's now this Utopian America and we owe it all to this "Purge" day when people can unleash all that bottled up anger and go all rage crazy. I'm sorry if a day like this existed and people really did go around killing, raping, and committing other various crimes are they really all going to be able to just turn it off the next day and go back to their fairy tail lives? No way in hell. If you kill someone just because you can, it's not like it cleanses you and makes you a better person the other 364 days out of the year. That's utterly ridiculous...

As others have mentioned the other things that bugged me about the movie was how idiotic their kids were. Their son is a hypochondriac freak who builds a spy machine out of a tank and mutilated baby? Sorry but a kid like that needs to be in some serious therapy or a straight jacket. Not to mention a total idiot who endangers his entire family by disarming the alarm letting some stranger in the house, what an unrealistic character... The daughter is also a moron who won't group huddle with her family in a crisis situation, another unrealistic aspect... The masked gang acted like total retards to the point where it was just stupid, as did the neighbors. I don't know if they were just trying to copy A Clockwork Orange or what. It's like they were all on drugs or in some weird robot mode. I don't know if it was meant to be creepy or what but in the end it just came off as weird, unbelievable and stupid. And finally I hate to say it but Ethan Hawks character was right in that they should have just handed over the guy to the masked gang as there really was no other option other than to fight, in which odds were they would have all been killed. And as others have pointed out the dialog throughout was just weird and not natural or realistic.

Overall just too many unrealistic and stupid things for a movie that's trying to come across as a serious movie.

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Just okay for me., 6 April 2014

I tried not to read much prior, although I saw the high rating and read a few reviews, so maybe my expectations were too high going in. I thought it was better than the first one although I didn't think much of the first one. My biggest complaint is they really could have done with some better editing and cut it down 10-15 minutes as it just dragged in spots. While I very much like character development, some of those scenes just went on a little too long, but more than that character development should slowly build and set the stage of things to come and get you hyped up like in Avengers, however I just didn't get that same feeling here at all. I kind of liked the whole conspiracy gig at first, but at the same time it was a bit of a re-hash as well once things finally came out.

The one thing I did really like is Cap was noticeably stronger in this one. Able to fall a long way down and land on solid ground, jump out of a plane from high up and land in the water with no chute, and able to take on a horde of people when seemingly outnumbered. So that was cool and I liked that they beefed him up quite a bit as he was little more than a pompous dork with a shield in Avengers. But my other gripe is I don't think he picked up a single weapon the entire movie. Yeah I get his shield can be an offensive weapon too, but I'm sorry when he's walking up to a horde of gunfire and his only defense is that shield, surely you would think a bullet or two might hit his legs, so that aspect of him only using his shield just kind of bugs me. Even in the first movie and Avengers he used guns to some extent, but not here that I can recall at all…

Far as other characters, Scarlet / Black Widow being in the movie was pretty much a treat as she's just sexy as hell and you know she'll never get her own movie, so why not put her in as a side kick whenever possible. I liked how they were kind of building something between her and Cap but it just fell flat and didn't go anywhere. Fury also got more air time in this which was good. Far as the Falcon, I really don't know what to think. You get introduced to him early and like Cap know he's a veteran and righteous guy, then don't see much of him and then all of a sudden Cap and Widow crash his pad when they're desperate and then all of a sudden this guy who you know nothing about is stashing a futuristic pair of wings and seemingly a semi super hero as well? What the hell??? It's not that I disliked him but it's just as if he came out of obscurity. They tried to develop his character a little from the beginning but didn't really do a good job IMHO. So kind of a mixed bag there. I liked the winter soldier although he was the one guy I wished got more air time. I like how they developed him and who knows where we'll go from here with all that. Can't really say anymore on that.

To sum up, I saw it in IMAX 3D which is really the best possible viewing experience and overall I wasn't wowed over and left thinking it was just decent. I was bored through the first 20+ minutes, it started to get a little better. The whole conspiracy thing started off intriguing (intentionally leaving this vague here) but ultimately I just thought was kind of dumb upon the big reveal and one of those "Okay, really…" moments rather than a "whoa that was a cool twist!" they were trying for. The final buildup and battle made for some decent action but was also very straight forward, unoriginal and telegraphed, so no big surprises there which would have been nice. I guess when you leave a movie and end up saying to the buddy you went with "Well, the trailer for Spider man 2 looked awesome!" that kind of sums it up. Overall I rate as a 6/10 (5 being an average movie)

Battleship (2012)
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Hidiously bad..., 23 December 2013

How Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgård ever let themselves be dragged down with this waste of film real I'll never know. That said they are little more than extras in this movie, both in it for a meager 15 minutes at most. It's astonishing really. It's not that often that you see a movie with a decent budget blow chunks so high but this one did it. Funny enough I knew ahead of time, I read the pour reviews, stayed away and finally watched it when it was free and I had nothing else better to do (or so I thought), and still I feel cheated...

What's really sad is I knew 5 minutes into it, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes, heck the whole time I knew I was watching a crappy movie that dare I say I probably could have done a better job directing, and or acting in for that matter. It's really an awful feeling to be watching a movie and usually where there's that slightest bit of hopeful feeling that things will get better, but in this movie I had none of that and merely watched it to it's end as if to watch a ship sink into the ocean.

I'm never this negative about movies far as reviews go but I have to say this movie flunked on all levels, boring story, bad directing, bad action, bad acting. The special effects weren't bad but that doesn't score you any points these days unless it's something marvel, which this was not. I mean at one point we're actually playing "battleship" like the age old game, as if just because the sun went down we cannot detect the aliens ships and just because they are "sun challenged" they despite being able to travel faster than the speed of light across millions of light miles to get here can't seem to pick our ships out of water at night without line of sight? Oh and when the sun comes up it actually blinds them? I mean really??? And we as a semi intelligent audience are actually supposed to buy all this? I literally wasted two hours of my life, plus more to write this review which I hope will save someone some time.

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Very entertaining, 16 November 2013

When I see a movie I want to be entertained, that's it. Obviously it depends upon the material and type of movie, but lets get down to it, when you're going to see a good ol action flick, you just want to be entertained, see some good explosions and cool stuff and the goal is won.

Now this movie? I've seen a lot of negative reviews and such and I'm struggling to find out where all the negativity stems from. Yes there are no famous characters in this flick, but it had a good story, good timing, awesome special effects and a great ending. BOOM!!! For the naysayers who say "It's shallow", or whatever, frak them... This movie is great and I think they are just defending something else that didn't quite make it. I didn't see this in the theaters and wish I had given it's monstrosity far as "big picture appeal" and it makes sense given the material. If you're at all in to Sci-Fi flicks, robots, aliens or any one of the three you'll probably love this like I did. Giving it 10 / 10 which I rarely do, somewhat because of the negativity stream, which again I simply do not understand, but this movie is a solid movie for what it is...

See it on as big of screen and with the best of sound you have available!

Gravity (2013)
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Visually stunning, so so story, 21 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went into this with pretty high expectations after hearing all the hype and it getting an 8.6 on IMDb. I love Sci-Fi's, space flicks so this was definitely up my ally.

Visually this movie is pretty stunning. I've never seen so many beautiful pictures of the earth in a space movie. So in some sense it's similar to the old 2001 space odyssey or Avatar where it relies heavily on the visual aspect. But sadly for me I didn't find much more to it then that. The plot is very straight forward and for me seemed pretty hard to believe, even by "Hollywood" standards. I saw this in the theater thinking visually it would be one of those movies best seen on the big screen, and in that aspect it was as again there are scenes which are pretty stunning if you're at all into celestial scenery.

For me the story just got too unbelievable. It's not because she's a woman, but here you have Sandra's character, who is a green mission specialist, more or less a technician. Due to some chain reaction or something aboard a Russian satellite (of course, it's always the Russians right?) debris from it is flying around and disables their ship causing them to find another way home. My beef with this is think how big the earth is, well the orbit of earth is obviously much bigger, so we are to believe that some Russian satellite blows up presumably thousands of miles away yet in the entire vastness of the orbit of earth (think three dimensional here) that debris heads right in their path? And not once, not twice, but three times I think as it rotates around earth? So right there I was a bit turned off as nobody seems to really get how "BIG" space is. Anyway if that wasn't bad enough somehow this first gen mission specialist gets propelled into space, rescued via Clooney who's wearing a thruster pack, then they travel to some other space station, where she gets on board within seconds of Hypoxia killing her, and disaster immediately strikes, yet she can quickly launch and pilot the escape vessel to a Chinese space station, which is pummeling towards earth, which she enters and quickly figures out how to launch the escape pod to. Yeah okay...

Again the movie is "okay" by my standards, certainly not an 8.6 although visually it is great, but we've come to expect that nowadays with technology and CGI being what it is, so outside of that the story itself is basically your typical sinking ship overcoming incredible odds survival kind of story and that's about it. I won't be renting this when it comes out on disk and if I catch it sometime for free I might watch it again, so that's how it ranks in my book.

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I loved it!, 8 May 2013

I really don't know why all the hate about this film. I remembered liking it quite a bit years ago and honestly after viewing it after all these years I can see where many aspects of this gave birth to the ever popular Battle Star Galactica saga.

This movie is a well balanced whole package film. I love Sci-Fi movies and outer space movies as a whole and there's no reason why this movie shouldn't hit the mark and quite honestly I'm astounded as to why it has such a low rating. I normally would rank this movie as an 8 to 9 but since it's had such bad markings I've upped it to all I could. And I'm rating this as a 14 year old flick at that...

In short, if you like Sci-Fi's, space travel, space battles, the whole BSG theme, then one would think you should like this. Again I'm astounded as to why this movie hit such a ditch when it came to ratings and such, a very entertaining flick at least by my standards

Iron Man 3 (2013)
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This one missed the mark..., 3 May 2013

I guess you know it's not a good sign when you see the people from the previous showing come out, and they aren't laughing or even smiling but just kind of humbly walking out. I said "oh no…"

Action wise this was nice to see in IMAX, and the action scenes are done very well and special effects are second to none, sadly that's about where the good ends. Also I should point out early on that this one is not so kid friendly. I expected to come out of this loving it and looking forward to taking my 9 & 11 year old kids to see it, but I am seriously second guessing that. This one is darker, more intense, shows much more graphic scenes and situations which are not as kid friendly and boarder on the Rated R scale.

The flow wasn't really good, and some scenes I liked and others I about fell asleep, I didn't really care much about the side stories and just took away or needed to be edited down a bit more. The whole anxiety thing while I thought was an interesting addition totally fell flat and was not an issue at any critical moment in the film. It's really hard for me to dig into issues I didn't like but really can't without giving too much of the movie away.

The non flowing story, the needless intensity of a few scenes. Probably one of my biggest gripes in this movie was the suits! While they looked cool they were just feasibly impossible, or at least the main one. Not to say that the previous "Iron Man" suits were totally believable of course, but now he has a modular suit, which each piece can fly attach to him or whoever he points to, cinch itself together, and then when it runs out of power it can simply open itself all the way up so he can just crawl out? I'm sorry while it looks cool it's just too beyond the believable point. Not to mention his other suits were torn through like butter. I mean so much for the impenetrable suit of armor in this one where it could actually take a beating. I guess lastly I didn't really like the bad guy or his minions. I like Guy Pierce and thought he did a good job, but the fact that you didn't "feel" for him nor really hate him it just made for a lack luster bad guy. While they had a cool power, again it was a little beyond the realm of believability. I know that sounds silly for me to say given the whole Marvel Universe of powers.

I walked out similar to those who came out in the previous show. Thinking it was just okay. There were some great action sequences, I was bored at time and overall thought the story was ho hum. It wasn't one or two things, but quite a few. Either the story just wasn't that good or the director change wasn't a good one, or both

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I liked it, nothing like good clean wholesome zombie fun, 25 April 2013

So for those who haven't done their homework this is obviously a very different kind of zombie gig, and being how vampires, zombies, not to mention the imminent and ever approaching zombie apocalypse, mustaches, and glow in the dark zebra print duct tape are all in full bloom now, why not a touchy feely zombie flick? I mean really why not???

Who knows, maybe we as a people have overcooked the same ham time and time again but I do have to say for what it's worth this film is original in that it's from the perspective of a zombie, and not only that but a zombie with thoughts who changes and causes others to change, and all for love. I mean what a sediment...

So anyway, the movie is not one that I'd put in my top 10 list and will probably be forgotten over time as most spoof like movies are for me, but it was put together and flowed rather well. It had a different kind of heartbeat all on it's own (pun intended) and was enjoyable for me to watch. And that really is what it all boils down to is entertainment value right? I don't care if you're watching a movie about aids or a total comedy, if you are entertained and came out of it with something well then isn't that the whole point? This is obviously a lower budget movie with no big stars except for John Malkovich as most zombie like flicks are, but it had a totally different approach as pretty much given away by the trailers and such.

In the end I liked it and wanted to see it first before showing my kids to make sure it was worth watching and not too graphic as they are totally into Plants vs. Zombies gig and all the like and would probably love this and I'll show it to them when it comes out on disk. The movie could have done without the one 'F' word scene although for me it made a good laugh, so eh nothing's perfect. It's by no means a summer Marvel blockbuster nor a Steven Spielberg great, but it stands on it's own and I give it a thumbs up.

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Loved the story and build up, didn't like the ending, 11 December 2012

Interesting episode that I really wanted to like and while I did like the overall story and the build up, however bottom line I like satisfying endings and that's where things fell short. Good or bad I don't care, as long as it leaves you with something

I love Seven's character and other than her good looks she brings a lot of intrigue to the show, so the thing that just rubs me the wrong way is her getting the short end of the stick lately. Previously tensions build in the Hunters & pray episodes where she goes head to head with Janeway, ends up saving the ship from certain destruction, but gets punished and disappoints the captain in the process. Finally we have Retrospect which is basically a rape episode, similar to the kidney thieves urban legend. There's no doubt in my mind that Kovin violated her and took the nano probes, none at all. Her fully regained memories looked genuine and pretty clear and don't show any evidence of it being a transposed memory from a previous experience.

Now no evidence to support the crime and show irrefutable proof of the violation is basically the same as a woman accusing a man of raping her where the evidence cannot be conclusively determined, it's the same thing. In this case though we know Seven's character would never falsely accuse someone of this crime, and Kovin certainly comes off as an unlikable shady arms dealer with potentially a huge motive in harvesting her nano probes for weapons use.

What nobody here mentions and what I don't get is why Tuvok never offered to mind meld with Seven. While his Meld probably would not be admissible as evidence, you would still think it would be a good way for him to at least corroborate her story, or if it indeed was a transposed and previous memory he would be able to help make her aware of that and further seek the truth. But they obviously want to leave this episode wishy washy and right in the middle. In the end did Kovin deserve to die if he was guilty? No, but he escapes, runs, and then almost destroys Voyager when cornered. Those are certainly not the acts of a falsely accused person, especially after they tell him the evidence is now in his favor. The episode leaves you thinking Seven got raped, and has the weight of his death on her shoulders. Pretty empty and weak...

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