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Pretty Cool, but has it's moments of needing FF, 8 October 2003

Aerosmith can do no wrong, but when it comes to music videos, they either hit the bullseye or completely miss the target. About 89 percent of them worked, but some were just horrible. What's with the guy wearing the goggles in the virtual sex tour? Horrible version of a video and I hate to think of what was spent. I think it's the elderly trying to appeal to the young computer generation.

Anything But Gary, 8 October 2003

What a great collection of a great band, but you have to FF through anything Gary Cherone is on, it's just a terrible era that so many of us true fans wish would have never happened. If you can get your hands on a used copy, I'd recommend it, certainly not worth the retail price they ask for in stores.

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Nice Collection., 8 October 2003

This is the one to get, if you liked the big hair bands of the 80's, this is the one you want! Great, big budget videos from the grand slam kings of noise - POISON! You also see some newer footage and rare videos from back-in-th-day like CRY TOUGH, but try and get through the latest, POWER TO THE's nausiating!