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Woman as Womb, 15 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It has already been suggested in the media that head writer Stephen Moffat is outrageously sexist and this past season and Christmas special provide ample proof to back up this claim. Women are reduced to their basic biology when major plot lines revolve around Amy being secretly pregnant with a semi-alien baby. This insistence that women be reduced to mothers continues in the Christmas special when the resolution involves a woman saving the day because as a woman she is innately maternal. Moffat dispels any possibility that her maternal side is simply down to her personality and is instead innate in women because of a horrible scene in which her daughter can't save the world because she's not ready (read prepubescent). It denies that men can be nurturers because they can't give birth which seems to completely ignore the fact that the Doctor is constantly trying to take care of others.

To top it all off it simply isn't even entertaining.

Can we have Russell T. Davies back please? Also runner up mention for the scene were they explicitly suggest that stalking is romantic.