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The Forest (1982)
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Do not go into the woods.. And don't watch this either., 23 October 2007

One of the most boring slashers ever.. If you can even call it that. I wouldn't watch this if it even ended up being some kind of porno movie, which it completely resembles. The fact that you're watching a small group of middle-aged people in the woods is really unbearable. They made these kinds of movies for teens, so who were they really aiming for when they made this sleep-fest? My favorite part of this movie is the cover art and it's the only reason I chose to seek out this movie, which happened to be part of a Suspense Classics 50 Movie Pack.. and after seeing the other movies in this 50 pack, you'll realize that it belongs nowhere else. So if you're in the mood for a decent slasher in the woods, I recommend Just Before Dawn and The Final Terror.

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This reminds me a lot of The Warriors..., 21 November 2006

This reminds me a lot of The Warriors because throughout the second half of the film, there couldn't be more obstacles keeping them from getting back to their home. Certain parts of this are very surprising to me and it's funny how many things happen to this group of kids. A little tame for a Larry Clark film but still very entertaining. My favorite characters in this are Kico, Milton (aka Spermball), and Jonathon, but it seems like they all remind me of people I know or once knew. That's the thing when you're watching real people try to act. It's just more exciting that way. One thing I'd change about it would be to make it a little longer because the ending is really abrupt.

Rush Week (1989)
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Not enough death... Or anything else., 19 November 2006

Pamela Ludwig was my main attraction to this movie in the first place. Oh, and also the fact that it was a slasher movie from the 1980's, set at a college. You really have to be patient with this one though. It doesn't really pay off like it should in the end. In my opinion, there needed to be way more deaths and way more murder suspects. I would never consider this movie a favorite unless my house burned down, leaving me to decide between this or Doom Asylum (which no one should EVER see). And I just remembered the fact that this was from 1989, making it fairly decent considering the circumstances but its still no Intruder (which everyone SHOULD see).

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Classic Camp Slasher, 19 November 2006

Ultimate Classic. This may have even been the first slasher that got me into collecting. Of course, I had been into the Friday the 13th series that always seemed to play on TNT but everyone seems to forget all those other films. You may think of them as rip-offs to Friday the 13th and Halloween, but some of them are actually a lot better. Im not trying to say that this is better than any of those though, just know that there ARE good ones out there. This one is cheesy and stupid but it did take place at summer camp which is a great aspect in a slasher. If anything, I'd recommend the DVD commentary over the actual movie, because I really enjoyed hearing Felissa Rose and Robert Hiltzik talk about the making of this.

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Boring compared to mid-80's Slashers, 19 November 2006

Okay, now I had originally seen the trailer for this on the Just Before Dawn VHS tape that I found on ebay. The trailer was done pretty poorly, much like the movie. I'd been looking for this title on DVD for the longest time and finally found it among 49 other B-Films on a 50 movie pack called Chilling Classics. Which, I have to say, was a pretty good deal for roughly twenty-three dollars. Afterall, there were other films in this pack I was interested in.

Anyway, this movie couldn't have been made in a better era although is looks like it was made in the 70's. Bad lighting, fair sound and decent acting. But of course, you see one slasher and you've seen them all. It's obvious who the killer is but you still continue to watch. There was some gore in this, better than none at all, but they could have tried a little harder to make the deaths more exciting.

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Way Too Canadian for a DVD Release, 18 November 2006

I found this on ebay a few years back due to Isabelle Mejias having a starring role in it. It was just okay. The clothes that she wore in this were hideous, but I'll forgive her, seeing how this was made in the late 80's. But for some reason when I saw her all dressed up in red and yellow I found myself wanting a McDonalds cheeseburger. Hmm. Anyway, I was also happy to see another actress from Heavy Metal Summer in this. Don't know her name though. My opinion is that this is way too Canadian for me. Releasing it on DVD really wouldn't be a good move. Why waste the plastic on this when they could be releasing other Isabelle Mejias movies on DVD?

Club Dread (2004)
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The BEST Slasher Spoof... EVER!, 28 September 2006

Some may think that the only slasher or horror movie spoofs were part of the Scary Movie franchise.. If so, let them have that. They don't deserve such brilliance. In fact, there's been a bunch along the years that really focus on the slasher genre, but none will ever be as good as this one. Broken Lizard really pulls this one off quite well. I say, after they've calmed down from the hype from Beer Fest, make a Club Dread sequel. Of course, people would question why characters who died in the first installment would return in the sequel, but that would make it all the more hilarious... See this movie. Buy it. Spread the word.

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Not Bad. But Not Very Good., 28 September 2006

Not Bad. But Not Very Good for a slasher flick. When I sit down to watch an old slasher movie, I tend to look for a few key elements. One - A plot twist at the ending.. Now don't get me wrong, this had one, but it wasn't very effective in my opinion. Two - Nudity.. This seems like a given in most slashers of the 80's but this had very little or none at all. Three - The 1980's. When I'm watching an 80's slasher I want to constantly be reminded that this was the era it took place in, but I had a hard time with that due to the score of the movie. There were too many guitar instrumentals throughout this movie, making it seem almost like a really bad 70's porno. And without the nudity. Four - Gore. Not too much of it in this one, but every death was shown on screen which is a plus.. But aside from all of that? A pretty decent flick.

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Although I haven't seen this film..., 15 October 2005

Although I haven't seen this film, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the first Slaughterhouse. This seems to be one of those untraceable slasher flicks from the 1980's that every completest has his/her eye out for. No pun intended. If it helps any, I've seen one of the movie posters for this on IMDb or some other place on the net and let me tell you, it didn't really make me want to track it down. The poster looked more like an album cover for ICP or Slipknot, which is lame. Much like the mysterious Cheerleader Camp II (that supposedly starred Uma Thurman), this movie is graced with a young Julian Moore, playing a character named Julie. Can you believe it? It was her first film! But surprisingly not her last. If anyone has truly seen this movie, please contact me.

Intruder (1989)
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THE BEST slasher of 1989, 12 October 2005

If this had been made before 1985, it would have been an ultimate classic. But unfortunately, it was made in 1989. Talk about the end of an era. It's safe to say that this is THE BEST slasher of 1989 and also the very last good slasher flick of the 80's. It had every key element needed - a female lead role, decent acting, campy humor, great gore and the twists at the ending. Another thing that I liked was that Renee (Yes, Emilio's sister) Estevez was in the movie. I first saw her in Sleepaway Camp II, so seeing her in yet another classic horror flick made me happy. For some reason or another, Bruce Campbell has a bit part in the end of the movie as a police officer. Weird. Check this out! I'm not sure if its on DVD yet. I bought a copy off ebay and there were Chinese subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Other than that, I was grateful.

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