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First of all, this movie is created by a guy. Secondly, it is created by a horror fan. Third, it is in order from the ones I think are best to the ones I think are fantastic. I hope this should make for an interesting if not useful list. I tried to think of films where the theme is romantic throughout. And I tried to exclude movies that are a comedies with a romantic subplot (or any other genre with a romantic subplot). Let me know what you think. Enjoy!
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Movies that somehow avoid the complete downward spiral into awfulness, and actually become sort of Good...Let me know if you have any suggestions:)
By the way I don't watch MST. So if you have any suggestions, keep that in mind. I think these are all hilarious by themselves:)
By the way I mostly watch horror films so this list will probably have quite a few of those.
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These fail to offer any reason for their being other than dollar signs of course
In my descriptions I give some details which could be spoilers to those who haven't seen the films. So don't read if you don't want to know:)
Please feel free to make suggestions too.
But I have to say, I did not list (on purpose)
Dawn of the Dead
Friday the 13th
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Ring
The Hills Have Eyes
The Grudge
The Crazies
The Thing
The Blob
These are all worthy remakes in my opinion.
I know The Grudge won't be popular but honestly I didn't find Ju on to be very good at all. And I think Friday the 13th is secretly brilliant to those that understand the franchise
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In other words, they suck.
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Spoofs are hard to get right. Sometimes it is hard to even get the embedded humor without seeing the original. These are my favorites:) Let me know if you like something that isn't on here. I didn't put these in any particular order by the way.
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These are the ones that I loved as a kid, while growing up, or love to this day. They are all superb! Please recommend shows you think I may like:)
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This includes all the official James Bond films. So that means "Never Say Never Again" will never (say never) be on my list! Okay let me know what you think:)
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Well this title says it all. Let me know what you think and check out my other lists!
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I was going to do this by character name but none of them had pictures. So I will do it by their acting name and let you know which I am refering to.
Let me know what some of yours are. I might have missed them!!
I may have an actor listed more than once since I don't think there is a limit on great characters!
These are the ones that stand out to me but I am sure I will be working on this indefinitely:)
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From a horror fan!!
Please feel free to offer suggestions or comments. Some of these may be considered thrillers but I tried to make sure there was at least some sort of horror element. What makes a horror movie is a pretty large debate since things from The Curse of the Cat People to A Serbian Film both seem to qualify. Some thrillers are easily justified as horror and vice-versa. Anyway...
These movies are a cut above the rest or offer something worthwhile. In the horror world most movies probably fall in the five or below range. And all these got a six or higher from me.
In general I try and list only the original or the remake (depending on which I prefer) unless both movies offer something very different (I hate copies).
Please notice that they are not in order but are rated, by me, with at least some comment for each.

For frame of reference
6/10 is a pretty good horror flick (better than average)
7/10 is a good horror flick
8/10 is a great horror flick
9/10 is an excellent horror flick
10/10 is a masterpiece in horror

Okay let me know what you think and enjoy!
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The ones that just get under your skin and won't go away. Or in some cases they let down an entire generation. Or maybe even killed someone?
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These are my favorites and not necessarily the best. But these are the ones I continue to enjoy over the years. Not in any particular order!