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As good as any Real Life Emergency Room Video, 4 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It should win an Academy Award for realistic looking cinematography. I kept thinking this was going to eventually be a great movie because it looked so good.

After awhile I realized it was a tired old script: Cowboys and Indians; kidnapped daughter; killed son; Revenge; Blood and guts and suffering; Leo is the only one who has a GPS in his head.

There was no need to waste so much talent and money making this film. You could watch a medical surgery flick or attend a hospital's Emergency Room on a Saturday night and achieved the same result.

This is line #10 which is required. I've run out material.

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Not a fan of the book? Forgetaboutit, 28 October 2015

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I didn't read the book so I can say this movie must be for the fans of David Foster Wallace. That's because this was the most boring movie imaginable. I suppose if you read the book and are a fan, then learning anything about the author must be nirvana. I looked up photos of the real David Foster Wallace and he looks much better than this slob in the movie, played by Jason Segel.

Jesse Eisenberg is the other lead and he once again proves that to be a famous actor, you don't need to learn how to act: Just act yourself each time, and if the public likes you, you're a great actor until they tire of you. I'm getting tired of you Jesse.

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Cigarette Smoking Conspiracy in Hollywood?, 21 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I give this a 2 rather than a 1 because of Wayne, played by Joseph Paterson. That character was worth an Emmy. If you have ever tried to figure out a David Lynch movie and finally realized there is nothing to figure out, so did the writers of this drivel, who must have attended the David Lynch School of Cinema.

Others have pointed out all the flaws. I want to concentrate on the cigarette smoking. In it's quest to look weird, there was no reason for this. Being weird has endless choices. This movie was a tipping point for me because I have seen so much smoke in the latest movies of today. Everybody knows what a dangerous and unfriendly habit it is, and that people mimic what they see on screen.

So much smoking I have seen that I am asking for somebody with proof to make it public, because I believe big money is changing hands to get this crap in the shows.

Inside Out (2015/I)
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Pixar has struck out, 30 September 2015

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I don't have a lot of reasons to give. All I can say is that every other Pixar movie I have rated a 10. I love animations, and the artwork for this one is top notch. Pixar has been terrific at delivering great stories until this one. I even love CARS, which many others found fault with. I wasn't in a bad mood when watching this one. I had great expectations. It's simply sucks. It's made a lot of money and has over an 8 rating, so I'm in the minority here. I want to caution someone like me to save their money so please read the other reviews with a 1 star rating. Maybe that will help guide you to a different movie to watch.

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Why look for bones?, 25 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I know nothing about the history here. It could be any where at any time and I still can't imagine why, with your life clock ticking away, one would spend their valuable time looking for a loved one's remains, especially if you already know what their fate was.

They are gone. They don't need those bones any more and you don't either.

The movie starts out in an Australian desert with Russell Crowe digging a well and finding water. This is a clever foreshadowing to future events.

Fast froward to Turkey where Thousands of soldiers have lost their lives in a wartime battle covering miles of ground. 3 of those dead were Crowe's sons. He has sneaked in the battlefield where other soldiers who also have nothing better to do, are collecting bones and supposedly identifying them, although nothing is explained how they are attempting to do that.

Next we see Crowe looking for his son's bones the way he did with a divining stick looking for water back in Australia and viola, he sticks the wood in the ground and proclaims that is where his son's bones are.

Sure enough, a soldier finds a watch of one of the boys on that spot.

Sure enough that is where I stopped watching. The only question I would like answered is: who would finance such a worthless movie?

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The Caddyshack of Porn, 22 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Actually there is not even a nude scene or a sex scene, but most of the jokes are slapstick sex jokes, and on a more 'mature' level than the typical teen based potty humor.

Aimed squarely to expose the religious moral absurdities of our culture, it's guaranteed to p**s off the majority of the population.

For the rest of us, it's a hoot. I've already said about all I want to say, but I must make this review longer so: Seth MacFarlane is a terrific talent and good looking too. Charlize Theron is so good looking... I wonder why Seth chose her for his leading lady? Sarah Silverman is great. Don't forget to watch her HBO stand-up special. Liam Neeson makes a great bad guy cowboy. The rest were great too. Bye.

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An 8.8 rating? For Garbage?, 24 February 2015

I would have given this the 1 it deserves but since it's not based on an actual event I cut them some slack.

I'm so glad that Einstein figured out the principals of relativity. Most of the people I meet still think the world revolves around them.

Then Einstein played the "what if" game with Physics. What if you could travel near the speed of light and take a trip, blah, blah, blah. You can't. They can't.

Here's where the 8.8 rating comes from. People want to believe almost anything that is impossible. This movie is garbage.

I'm not humorless. Time travel is garbage too but I enjoyed the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy. It was funny and kinda clever. Not this rag. Save your money and remember: your life clock is ticking and there's no way you're going to recover an of it that you spend, in this case 3 hours.

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Quit smoking up the movies, 23 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was the only one of the contenders for Best Picture I hadn't seen. I avoided it because I didn't think I'd like it. But it won and now I have watched it.

If you think the above is boring, it's no more boring than the movie. I have a confession: I didn't get it. A day in the life of some Broadway actors who over-act all the time. Besides being boring, there was a drums only sound track that was was more than boring: It was annoying. Finally I want to know how much the tobacco industry paid to have so many cigarettes consumed? This movie was a cigarette commercial in disguise.

The Gambler (2014/III)
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Not The gambler, 26 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I walked out at the 1/3 pole. Here is what I saw: Bad gambler who bets all his money on every hand. Then borrows more. Then repeats the bad gambling. Then teaches class where is flatters a student (I thought right away he was after some kitty cat) and even though I didn't stay to see if that happened, I read some other reviews and I was correct.

Then he borrows more money so he can bet it all every had until he loses again. Boring.

I've got to write a few more lines, so let me say that if you go to Las Vegas and don't particularly like to gamble but want to make one bet of say $100, don't choose Blackjack. Even if you know basic strategy, which makes the game almost even money, the reason you can even up the odds is by knowing when to split pairs and double down.

Wahlberg never had any money to do that so the odds against him were huge. The writers avoided this complication by never dealing him a hand where he could have split pairs or should have doubled down.

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Time well spent, 24 January 2015

I've been giving "1" ratings to a lot of recent Hollywood films, but not this one. Here is a real documentary, and it presents and honest and thorough biography of an exceptional individual.

I like to bring attention to this approach , Documentary, as opposed to "Based on a true story." I am really sick and tired of the latter and the most recent abomination is American SNIPER, a warped work of fiction which some have compared to an un-animated version of TEAM America: WORLD POLICE.

Usually when I see a highly rated movie that I didn't like, I come here and read the reviews sorted by "Hated it' first, so even thought I liked this documentary a lot, I decided to do that for this one.

One reviewer said, "I saw nothing in Aaron but an average kid who was way over-hyped as a "prodigy" while doing nothing of real significance."

Personally, I have the ability to recognize when someone else is a whole lot smarter than me and Aaron Swartz was one of those people. Watch this biography, and you'll learn a lot.

Aaron Swartz was smart enough to see that one powerful Federal prosecutor was about to ruin the rest of his life, and was both gutsy and smart enough to prevent that from happening. Such is life. It's not much different than if he went swimming in the ocean and got eaten by a shark. We live in that kind of a world and always have.

Aaron Swartz got more things done for the betterment of our world in his 26 years than a billion of us will do if we live to be centurions.

RIP Aaron Swartz, well done.

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