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a list of 11 titles
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My choice of who would be casted
a list of 86 titles
a list of 9 titles
a list of 12 people
a list of 10 titles
a list of 11 people
Some of the top black English actors
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a list of 119 people
a list of 13 people
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Cinematography is one greatest and most important visual aspects of film here's a list of those people that have helped made lighting and photography in film into such a compelling work of visual art.
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Anti heroes, Gangsters, drug lords, serial killers, crazy moms, corrupt leaders, politicians and businessmen and just ruthless cold blooded scumbags are just the kind villains we've seen on TV in the 21st century. Here's my personal list
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a list of 13 people
a list of 11 titles
Haven't seem every show on it but all the ones ive seen so far pretty much explain why
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Since the late 90's there's been a stream of amazing and original tv series many which have been hailed as one of the greatest shows on television!!!
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I've noticed alot of big stars today (mostly english actors) started on Band of Brothers and have launched off to successful careers today, here's a few of them.
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a list of 10 characters
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Great films some of the most memorable well casted acting ensembles
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