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"You think too much, that's your problem."
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Based on all the informations we heard and read and all the trailers we've seen, it seems like 2014 will have some pretty good movies.
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Mind-bending movies that change your whole life after you watch them.
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Dramedy is my favorite movie genre now, so I thought I'd make a list with my favorite dramedies. P.S.: If you'd like to, you can write a comment with your favorite dramedies :)
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These celebrities look alike in my opinion. If you don't think so, please DON'T JUDGE ME. You can tell me what you think of my list and I'd be very happy to hear some suggestions :)
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My favourite movies which have a food theme.
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Merry Christmas!
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The 40 movies starring Alec Baldwin from 1988 to 2012. (So far!)
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The 27 movies starring Ben Affleck! (From 1992 to 2010)
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The best Romanian and foreign movies from 2011 and the final of 2010.
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The movies which the critics enjoyed at the 2011 Academy Awards. So they nominated them or given them an award.
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The 8 magnificent Harry Potter movies that changed it all!