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No particular order, only those I rated 6+. Still need to watch some, will add if good enough.
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No particular order. Please recommend movies I've missed/forgotten.
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There are movies I need to see to finish this list, I don't know if they'll make it on yet but those movies are: Mutant Chronicles, Deadgirl, Outpost, Parasomnia, Reel Zombies, Shutter, Train, Malice In Wonderland, Acolytes and The Burrowers. If anyone wants to recommend others, please do.
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I know many won't agree with this. From what I have rated so far.
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In no particular order.
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It is what it is.
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No particular order and not necessarily the best actors/actresses, just people who capture my interest.
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In no particular order.
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It's a matter of opinion, this is mine.
This isn't about the scariest, it's about which were the most fun to watch. Maybe I'll want to add some more as I remember or see them.