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This list is full of so much talent and creativity if you haven't seen most or all of these and you are a fan of Drama, time to close the drapes and get the popcorn on a rainy day.
Fantasy, Super Hero and SciFi has it's own list. So if you're looking for Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Six Feet Under, Lost, etc... see said list.
This is list is full of gritty police drama, tragic hospital angst, real life based drama that breaks your heart, makes you cry, makes you laugh and turns you on without a flux capacitor or warp speed.
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They're not just a pretty a face, these men were and are the absolute best at what they do. Sometimes the faces might not be so pretty, but they are still the best. Remembered and respected. This list looks like it's going to be a long one. I tried putting them in order , it's impossible to weigh such talent like this against one another. So I opted for alphabetical order instead.
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Updated through Fall of 2014
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I made a list of the best male actors, I'm working on one for women. This list is about the eye candy. I have to admit though, most of these people are very talented and not just sexy stars. I love brainy people, so that does factor into my decisions. However, I completely admit, this list is completely for viewing pleasure.
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Alphabetical order is the choice for this list as it would be impossible to rate them against one another. Though I can at least confess that Sigourney Weaver is and has been my favorite actress for many many years. I don't feel like this list is complete yet, so stay tuned for more.
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It's incredibly hard for me to rate these, I find them all to be exceptional, fun, a great ride, wonderful stories. From modern day to old westerns to anime to animation, these are the best and my more favorite action films. I tried to make the list good for women and men. Hope you enjoy!
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Horror, to me, doesn't need to have gore in it at all. Horror films should scare you right down to the marrow in your bones. They should make you afraid, speed up your heart beat, create that feeling of dread in your tummy, make you scream at the people on screen 'DON'T DO IT!'" These are my tummy trembling horror favorites, hope you enjoy!!!
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I have to warn you that I'm not your typical chic flick movie kind of gal. I'd rather watch 'Ripley' kick ass in Aliens than see another stupid wedding movie. Though there are good wedding movies... Shuts up and makes the list.