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You owe it to yourself to know more about what's going on behind the scenes of the political and corporate influence, 2 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In this short documentary which is about an hour long, you'll get to understand more of the mindset that brought us our current extreme inequality : greed & power, as well political influence by the wealthiest. It dispels the myth of how "benevolent" & deceitful the wealthy elite can act towards the base that supports them. It shows how money can buy some politicians who loudly promises to reform tax laws but will bury it at the first opportunity.

This documentary will not make more friends out of right-wingers or Republicans (ex: Paul Ryan). It's a captivating documentary but way too short as it's still only one piece of the whole puzzle. This movie states what the problems are but cannot present solutions and we're left to our own devices.

As an excellent complement to this documentary, watch the PBS documentary "Big Sky, Big Money". You'll discover how much unaccountable shadow money can influence & subvert American politics!

If you're serious about knowing more, documentaries/movies such as "Inside Job", "The Shock Doctrine", "The Revolution will not be televised", "The Take", "Zeitgeist Moving forward" will help further your understanding of the social/financial changes that needs to take place if we're to have a sustainable future or ANY future at all...

Thrive (2011)
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Beware of low ratings, why? FOLLOW THE MONEY!, 16 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've seen close to about 500 documentaries just in the past 3 years alone, ranging from all subjects : food industry, health industry, UFOs, financial meltdown, NWO, mass media manipulation, etc.

To me, THRIVE ranks among the top 5 essential documentaries of all time. It touches on a variety of subjects : free energy, crop circles, UFOs, banking/oil cartel, etc. That alone, would save you time as you don't have to watch 5-6 other documentaries on each of these separate subjects (I'd still recommend you to find as much information as possible though!).

Now... who benefits most from discrediting THRIVE as well as giving it a low rating as possible? Do you realize that many people are being paid to police, post comments on the Internet for many reasons? Governments as well as big corporations are keeping an eye on the Internet, just google terms such as "cointelpro", "internet shills" even the trolling you can see sometimes are being perpetrated by full-time professionals. AGAIN, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Just use critical thinking, and no it's not about ME being a "conspiracy nut", there are even articles from mainstream media documenting such practices of online propaganda/disinformation/policing. If you don't trust me, just do your own research.

Burzynski (2010)
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Beware of the negative ratings & naysayers, 12 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've seen and researched plenty of materials on health subjects, food, cancer, GMOs & medical history. What is being revealed on this movie about the rampant corruption in the FDA & hidden cancer cures is ONLY the TIP of the iceberg.

What baffles me here is the VERY negative ratings & reviews some users have posted here. This movie while not perfect (some parts are too long in my opinion) certainly deserves a more balanced rating.

So what's the agenda in slandering Dr. Burzinski, spreading lies and giving it such an unfair review in order to lower the rating? To whose benefits? FDA, big pharmas?

It's been proved that corporations & governments (mostly corrupt ones like Monsanto for example) are monitoring & "correcting" information on public forums on the Internet by hiring posters/bloggers. Do you really believe that a multi-billion dollar industry would leave anything to chance that could ruin such a perfect "business model"? For the skeptics, I suggest you do further research on this.

As they say : FOLLOW THE MONEY

P.S. If you're serious about learning more, I recommend these movies : "Food Inc", "Dying to have known", "Forks over knives", "Simply Raw, Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days", "The World According to Monsanto".