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Drop Out (2007)
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Probably good script, sadly bad done, 3 February 2007

I've seen this film on DVD. It's basically about a schoolboy who looses faith in everything. It starts as he recognizes the senselessness of drinking and having a fix rhythm in his live, which would be: Five days a week you go to school, other to days you drink and make party.

His father already demands him to take over his Company one day. And for his mother their neighbors seem to have become the most interesting thing only. Abandoned by almost every important person in his live, including his girlfriend, he makes a fatal decision.

Well the subject itself would be so interesting at all. Not only because it's actual now. It's been actual for a long time. The complexity of raising a child, and the difficulties some or almost all kids have to go through, to become an adult.

But they didn't make it work. The movie race's by on the surface of the subject. Goes not even a tiny bit into it. Sad. The sound is not good and the camera they used could have achieved more. Overall I'm not satisfied with it. Maybe a good script, but the implementation didn't work at all. 4/10

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Not bad, 27 March 2005

I'm from Switzerland and i've seen the movie a few months ago. And i was really surprised when i came a few minutes ago to this Movie at the IMDb and didn't find no comment on it. So i thought i should might write one, because folks could be interested in this movie. OK first of all my rating for it: 6/10. The style of the film very much relies on the concept of the "Scary Movie" Series. There is really funny stuff in there. And if you liked "Scary Movie" and it's sequels you should watch this film. Now to the story: Friedo (Frodo) works at a Bank. Through a Plane Crash he falls into Middle-Earth. There he meats Almghandi (Gandalf, means in English as much as: Alpine Ghandi) this is the most crazy character i've ever seen in a comedy. He really makes you laugh. Together with Almghandi, Friedo tries to free his future-girlfriend Heidi, which was captured by Sauraus (Sauron, in English "Pig-Out" or "Let a pig out" or so) who tries to destroy Middle-Earth with "Fondue" (Our national dish, hot cheese). Some jokes may not be understand by audiences of other countries, because they're very much orientated on Switzerland. I know the movie was successful in our country but i don't think it will be released in other countries, because the most successful movie ever in Switzerland "Achtung, Fertig, Charlie!" has only be released to Russia. But you can hope. And i hope this comment was a help to you, thanks for reading.

Moritz (2003) (TV)
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Good Swiss Film-making, 24 May 2004

I just saw "Moritz", and i thought: Wow! The "Schwizer" can do some films! It is a good story, good told and sometimes great acting.

The Story begun quick, things happened fast, but there were never missing parts, the screenplay was logic and the editing worked well. It is a highly emotional movie, and thats what i liked about it, and if emotions are real, really well acted, then it gives you a feeling of being absolutely involved into the story, and so i felt.

Congratulations from Switzerland, to Switzerland. If you in the States have the opportunity to watch this film, then do it, it is rewarding.

Thanks for reading this

mfg Johnny

Very dark, but good too, 2 May 2004

I watched the movie yesterday evening. First thing i felt after it was: What terrible things are going down there in Africa. Just horrible. It is a dark movie, but very passioned made as well. I think the director wantet us to remind on what was, or is, going on in Africa and he certainly did. The story is quite simple, some logic faults. Why whould an L.T move out with 30 villagers to then save just the doctor. He could have forced the doc to go with him (Some kind of injection or so). I think it is not the thing a professional Navy Seals L.T whould do. I liked to see the Seals taking out the rebells in the village, slow, smooth, professional. It was hard to see those powerfull, disturbing images, they can overwhelm and they are reality.

Over all i liked the picture, because it is dark, it is real and it is entertaining. And besides it lets you know, what kind of things happening in the world, nright now. 7/10

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Two times i cried..., 12 March 2004

I did read a lot about "The passion of the christ", because there was a lot to read. The movie made history before it came to cinemas. In every comment, in every news, in every text about this film, there were the words violence and touching.

Yesterday evening i watched this film. I try to be a christian, i really try to believe, and when i am dead, then i will know if i believed enough. But now to the film. The basic storyline begins at the one evening, at which Jesus begs god to not let him go through the crucifiction. And it ends with the resurrection. In between there are a lot of flashbacks. In those apr.90 minutes i expirenced the most touching, the most violent, the most terrifying and the best film i have ever seen. In the scene, where Jesus goes throug his first punishment, when the roman guys put away the sticks and take the whips, i startet to cry, because i thought, Jesus did this for us, he was innocent and went through this, in love for us. I did not read the bible and so i cannot judge if the jews really wanted so badly the dead of Jesus. And when i say the jews, i mean the ones 2004 years ago. And i am sure Mel Gibson did as well. During the crucifiction, when they hang out jesus' shoulder and hit in the second nail i startet to cry the second time. The pictures speak for themselves.

I cannot think that there are some people who can watch this film and feel nothing, then they're not human.

I believe, that Mel Gibson has achieved what he wanted, to remember people, why we are on this earth, because to pay back, what we all did to Jesus. In my Opinion, it is the best film ever, there is nothing that comes close to its strength and it isn't only strength because of violence, it is strength, because it is true.

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Emotion in front of battles, 19 December 2003

Saruman is out. Well yes...out of the theatrical cut. They cuted out to mutch...well yes in the theatrical cut.

But listen, if the movie now is good, what will it be then, when the SEE appears? Emotion, in front of battles. When i saw it, i thought, the scene, or the battle on the pellenor fields was to short. Maybe it was to short, because it didn't have, that kind of background, as the battle of helms deep got. And there it was "A human side." Wether humans or orcs (Uruk-Hai) rule this middleearth. And at the pellenor fiels, minas tirith, the battle didn't have that kind of background, that humanity, which i expected from. Denethor: You can actually identify him, if you didn't read the book, by the way wonderfully well played, but he becomes crazy to early in the movie, and i din't like to see Ganalf hurt him, it was allmost like wrestling, gandalf gives him not just one knock, he knocks him down, i didn't like to see this, and espeacilly i didn't like to see him falling down from the "Zitadelle (Don't know the english word)" that was just not nescessearly! I just thought: "PETER, what the hell are you doing???" and he must be carefull, i don't expect an Oscar for best director, BUT i hope so.

But now lets go to good: This movie, is much more emotional than i expected it to be. And that is GOOD. You don't go to watch "The Lord of the Rings" because of the battles. Well, some peoples do that, but i really don't like that. And at the end, almost tears came to my eyes, it was so overwhelming, so emotional, you are so touched by these two hobbits, trying to destroy the most powerfull weapon of middleearth, well the second most powerfull, the most powerfull is LOVE, and that is what the movie is about also, love, feelings, emotion. Its so strong. By the way, i do not expect Sean Astin beeing nominated for the best actor in a supporting role, but i hope so. And of course the people who didn't read the books do not understand the end, well i do.

I am sure it was an epic rush, for the team of WETA Digital, and so i don't complain about some bluescreen shots, digital horses and olifants, as other people do, but "MATRIX RELOADED and MATRIX REVOLUTIONS" be in afraid of SHELOB: best animated creature ever seen.

So theatrical cut=GOOD Special Exthended Edition¾ST

Thanks for reading this, and Peter, i hope you get now your reward for your duty to all Tolkien readers, and to the moviefans, your last three movies, have allready written history.



S.W.A.T. (2003)
No depth, 9 December 2003

Well, its a standard Action-Movie, which i expected more from. First afull is the part of Michelle Rodriguez to small, you can't really identify her, as a character. I wanted to watch this movie, because of the topic, i mean this is S.W.A.T! But i really expected more. But however, for the second, there are some Action scenes in there, there is being shot, but it becomes to much different battles and tests, they should have taken out a few of them and give more intelligence, logic and time to the others. And there isn't really a climax. Ok, Street kills is old buddy, but that's about it...sergeant Hondo isn't really as the big bad chief on screen, as it is usual in such movies, there is no depth into the story.

That's my comment, thanks for reading it...