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Maybe I am just too old and cynical for it, 12 October 2010

Or maybe I had too high expectations, maybe I have no taste, but The Princess Bride is the worst piece of garbage I've seen in months, if not years.

Yesterday, after listening for years on end what a great movie it is, I went, got the DVD and popped it in my computer, curious what all the fuss was all about. I wish I didn't. I managed to put up with it for a little over an hour, and now I want that hour of my life that I wasted on it BACK! Even if one is willing to excuse the awful, cheap props, costumes and special effects due to the movie being shot in the 80s and on a small budget, nothing, absolutely NOTHING excuses to awful writing and even worse delivery. It's been toted to me as some paragon of witty, hilarious dialogue, but frankly, with one single exception (the "In which cup is the poison" scene) the rest was just painful to sit through. I saw nothing particularly funny or witty about the dialogue, and even if there was some flash of brilliance here and there it was torn apart, set on fire and then stomped on by the wooden delivery of the actors. I have never seen people who lack comic timing so badly. They sounded like they were reading a phonebook, rather than delivering funny dialogue.

Though it's obvious from the rest of the review, I am severely disappointed.

Gen-X Cops (1999)
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Pretty boys galore, 14 October 2004

The one line summary says it all. They are young. They are cool. They kick ass. They are pretty boys (cops) with big guns (no pun intended). Add an uberly uber sexy Toru Nakamura as the vengeful Yakuza boss, and what you'll get is a Gift from Heaven TM for all slash fangirls. Who cares about the plot? (Which actually is quite interesting). Ahem. I'll be serious now. When top secret bomb material is stolen by an aspiring and vengeful Yakuza boss (masterfully played by the wonderful Toru Nakamura), a detective considered by his colleagues to be a clown, decides to hunt down the villain. To infiltrate the criminal organisation, he finds a trio of kicked-from-the-academy former cadets and sends them under cover. The "icredible trio" unravels the mystery and at the and has a big KABOOM fight with Yakuza boss. Simple premise, isn't it? Anyway, if you don't want to be mentally challenged and are looking for good time (pretty boys), some mindless shooting and fighting, nice special effects, that's the movie for you. 7/10

Dune (1984)
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Blashemous. Disgusting. Ugly., 10 October 2004

I don't know language foul enough to express my feelings regarding this movie. It butchers a book that is considered to be the best sci-fi epic and my personal favourite. After buying it and watching it I felt absolutely cheated.

How is it possible that David Lynch has so little sense of beauty? How could he make THAT book, which is full of colour into such disgusting greyness?

I am not even going to start to talk about the GAPING, SCREAMING Plot holes. David, WATER KILLS SANDWORMS! WHAT WAS WITH THAT RAIN SCENE?!

The movie also suffered from a costume-designer and make-up artist with a severe lack of good taste - the Sardaucars' uniforms and Baron Harkonnen's face being their biggest screw up.

David, if there's Hell, I hope you rot in it for what you did with Frank Herbert masterpiece.

For those who want an accurate movie based on Frank Herbert's Dune, look for the mini series Dune from 2000 with Alec Newman.

I give David's Dune -***** (that would be minus) out of *****

This movie shoudl be avoided like the plague from the fans of the book.

"Trigun" (1998)
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Brilliant, 8 October 2004

I find it offensive when some people call anime shallow and boring. Those people simply don't have enough brain cells to understand the complexity and nuances of the anime. To these people I strongly recommend the Disney movies. That way they won't be mentally challenged and can calmly drown in the moral bog that are the Disney creations.

As for Trigun, it's one of the best examples of a really high-quality anime. It has an original plot, interesting and complex characters and beautiful music. I have to say that it reminds a little of Rurouni Kenshin, but only a little.

Maybe the only down-side is the sometimes gritty animation but the rest more than compensates for that flaw.

I give it 4.5 out of 5*.